Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #108 – “Vocaloid Idol”

Under the sea~!!!
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First off, I’d like to formally welcome deztora to the V-ism blog team. He’s more than welcome to add what info he can into these ranking reviews from now on, and not just limited to translating the “other Vocaloid news”-section.

Well, let’s just keep this intro short and head on over to this week’s WVR right now (because I really have nothing else to say anymore…)!!!


History: Red = DK, Green = DT, Blue = JM, Purple = dez

Songs to be included in Hatsune Miku – Project DIVA ARCADE will be collected up until the deadline at midnight, this Saturday, 10/31. Note that it’s Midnight Japan Time

Alrighty… I think this bears mentioning:

Even though we got dez in the blog team, we still would like to see other people contribute what they can to V-ism. This is an open community after all, and any info you may have pertaining to Vocaloids will always be welcome here.

And so that’s it for this week’s ranking review. Thank you and see you again next week!

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7 thoughts on “Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #108 – “Vocaloid Idol””

  1. I was excited to post comments on the songs, but I took too much time as it was. Maybe next time…

    Oh, and midnight in Japan is 11 AM EST here. In case anyone needed to know. =)

    1. But you *can* still comment on the songs… All you need to do is click the "Edit This Post"-link… It doesn't really matter if it's already published.

      1. Ah… how do I put this… I feel like it's a privilege I don't quite deserve. To put it another way, I don't think I've… proven myself to be capable yet. I don't want to exactly raise my hands and wave them in the air and shout "hey I'm a blogstaff member" when I'm not even doing what I'm supposed to be doing– the translating– fast enough. Don't worry though, if I haven't been fired yet, I'll definitely be on time next week. I just figured out that the bokaran is posted in between my classes, so I can check it when I'm at college. That'll give me more time to churn out a good translation than just checking it when I get home sometime after two. 🙂

  2. There is definitely something going on. The song on 9th place, as you know is very old, however in a single week, it was added to 2878 Mylist. Is the same thing that happened to the song LOL -Lots of laugh- after the SP4, but it was removed from >500 Mylist in a single week. Someone’s trolling the vocaranking? Please inquire about it.

  3. you noticed that too about the Pickup, eh JM? I thought that was KAITO from the thumbnail too. Doesn't necessarily have to be an illegitimate child. I mean look at her choices. She'd have to go for older men. At least that leaves Luka and Meiko free.

      1. It's the way my brain works. Just how I know that Claire will wind up being lesbian on Heroes, and how I guessed the male Vocaloid is going to be Tourai, it's pure logic.

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