Crypton’s “Project if…” And New Appendix For Hatsune Miku

Following information from the Crypton blog, it seems Crypton has just started on an experimental project called “Project if…”, this concept will be different from the popular and successful CV (Character Vocal) series and hopefully something unique and special will be coming out of this. And in the sample video below you can hear the vocals provided by a child singer singing to the theme song of “Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea” for this project.

Also, an older news also from the Crypton blog but it’s been made known that Crypton will be updating Hatsune Miku’s voice in celebration of her second birthday. So far three voice samples have been released and you can go over to Crypton’s blog to listen to the new voices. Also, you can view this video below in which Miku’s soft voice β-version is used for the 2M Mix of Black★Rock Shooter.

These two projects will be developed concurrently together with the male Vocaloid VA project, so there’s a lot to look forward to from Crypton in the future. =)

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12 thoughts on “Crypton’s “Project if…” And New Appendix For Hatsune Miku”

  1. Are we sure that the "Project if…" demo sample is of a human singer? Listening to it a couple times, it seems like it's actually a demo sample of the new Vocaloid being released through this new line! Rather impressive if it is the Vocaloid being sampled… kind of reminds me of the reactions to GUMI's Miracle∞Gumiracle when I first heard that song.

    As for Hatsune Miku Append, the soft-β sample on the Crypton Blog is especially impressive – looks like the Append sets will have potential to breathe more life into Miku. Though it's not as if she needs it – she's already the most popular of the Vocaloids by a large margin. Still, it will nice to give Miku a clearer voice for composers to use.

    All this seems to bode well for the male Vocaloid release.

    1. What's nice is that they're not just equipping the new VOCALOID with new technology, but adding it into Miku, and that will unquestionably will make Miku ETERNAL DIVA. (That sounds nice.) While Rin and Len might have upgrades, but it's nice to have Miku to be eternal instead.

      I just hope the male one doesn't overshadow Miku, (if that's possible at all, lol)

      I can see far in the future we would have about 10 vocaloids (if 2012 didn't happen) and it's world-wide known since it's accessible to all language and MAYBE just maybe, the world doesn't need to think about difficult things and head for human peace and space! <StarTrek much? >.>

      Therefore, Let's hope for Miku's eternal existence!

      1. some upgrades to len and rin to make them less shrill and tinny would really add to them I think… They are a bit hard to listen to at times, but the songs are no less awesome than miku's songs.

  2. I can answer for you right here and now why Crypton is stepping up its projects to improve and create: UTAU. Though not a threat in the past, the new sampling style of Momone Momo and Kasane Teto have matched Vocaloid samplings, if not improved on them. For the first time, a free software is becoming a threat to Crypton, and so they have to outthink and outperform UTAU before the rest of them are resampled.

    1. Hmm, I think this is a good point, but remember that people buy Vocaloids for the character and not the program! There'll still be a market for Crypton's Vocaloids as long as they're in vogue. C: Unless by "the rest" you mean Miku and co.?

      1. The thing with UTAU is anyone can make it. There are quite literally 50+ out there already in the old style (if you've seen the UTAU intro movie you know what I mean). Now if everyone that's made an UTAU, including Kanipan, made a re-recording with this new sampling style, they will have more variety to choose from than Crypton could ever issue. So they need to create better quality samples of more popular characters. By the way, I'm linking in the UTAU intro video. [youtube 2_AuoTDQjvQ

        youtube] Note the linked "slow version".

        1. Oh wow, I haven't seen that video before! /feels so uninformed.
          /but also yep, each definitely has something going for it, UTAU's one being that it's free. Either way it's quite interesting because UTAU also has nothing to lose.

          1. If there's one song that proves just how dangerous the new UTAU type is to Vocaloid's domination of the market, it's the cover of one of Miku's most famous songs: "Packaged". [youtube 5cSJnmZyVaM


  3. According to some sources i've been going through, I heard this new VOCALOID is voiced by a 7-year old girl…

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