New NND, MMD; Same WVR

There’s been a lot of changes happening on the Internets recently. For instance, MikuMikuDance has ticked up to version 5.22 with a truck load of fixes between this and 5.19, which is the version I had on my computer. This is the 6th update in the last two weeks, and with Windows 7 now available, it may be a while until the stream of updates lets up. Get it here or sochira.

A bigger instance is the new version of Nico Nico Douga. Version (9) has a lot of new features, including categories for Tohou IdolM@STER and Vocaloid, updated news ticker, and new and easier implementations of stuff like comments and MyLists. (Here’s a list. Thanks, Mi!) But the big thing for us is the embeddable player, which now works on stuff like WordPress! So enjoy what the kids call an “Uttate Mita” version of “1925” for demonstrative purposes, it’s #1 on the Weekly Vocaloid Ranking Omake this week, while WVR 107 finished a disappointing 7th. It’s a little strange that despite GeoCities closing , the WVR and VPVP sites seem to have been updated. Good news for us, though.

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