Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #10(9) – “I See What You Did There”

A Belated Happy Halloween!!!
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As an anonymous commented in the previous ranking review, there seem to be something major going on behind WVR’s drastically-fluctuating song ranks. LOL -lot of laugh-, which was once a ranking mainstay for a few weeks, suddenly dropped off into the beyond-30 section (even going as far as the hundreds just after a week in the top-10) never to return again. On the other hand, pseudo-classics that have been previously unranked from more than several months have suddenly jumped back into the top-10 of the ranking.

So this week, the V-ism community at large will try to figure out this conundrum of sorts. Is there a troll out there trying to destroy the credibility of WVR…? Maybe it’s a reaction to the MELTDOWN incident… What ever it is, we’ll find out soon enough.


History: Red = DK, Green = DT, Blue = JM, Purple = dez


There have been changes made to the organization of the categories upon the arrival of Nico Nico Douga (9). We are dealing with this temporarily, but there is the possibility of revising the rules from here on out. Please bare with us.

So what does this all mean…?

Beats me, but I do think mylists should count for x10 instead of x20. Makes more sense to me that way, and it works for the SP rankings…

Just to add fuel to the mix, did you see what was missing? “Miku Miku ni (ry” is 37th.  That’s its 2nd worst spot ever (41st in week 71) and only the 3rd time out of the Top 30, snapping a 37-week streak. I must also express my disappointment of “trick and treat” only getting 42nd.

I did notice that, actually, but not until after I’d watched the countdown. I’m glad though, and hoping that Melt will be next. *shot*

Anyways… did I forget to mention that V-ism is turning 1 year old…? Time sure flies by, eh?

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10 thoughts on “Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #10(9) – “I See What You Did There””

  1. I'm pretty sure #16 is only in the ranking because it's an anonymous P, and thus a lot of people mylisted/commented to guess who the P is or come back at a later date to see if it's been figured out. At least, that's what I get from the comments. Everyone seems to be guessing the P.

    Also, I agree with dez–I want Melt off the ranking next. 😛

    Anyway, congrats on your 1-year anniversary!

    1. It is a reference to the fact that the new version of NND is (9), upgraded from (ββ), and that it is Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #109.

      Anyways, last week's ranking certainly had a few oddities in it, but I think this week is a bit closer to 'normal'. It's mostly due to the fact that this week was a particularly high-scoring week (and there were a lot of songs that got in the ranking this week) that a lot of the long-runners went down ranks, including those below 30.

      1. It’s mostly due to the fact that this week was a particularly high-scoring week

        This. 44 songs scored 30,000 points or more. 40+ has happened only about half a dozen times since March, with the most recent being Week 97 (43).

  2. Guest said:”last week’s ranking certainly had a few oddities in it, but I think this week is a bit closer to ‘normal’.”

    Not at all.

    i have never see 4 “Previously Unranked” songs in the top 30 before.

    3rd place is a “cover” (sarcasm) of a very old song, now in 98th place. 【初音ミク】ドルアーガの塔より「おなかすいたうた」 sm1860373

    i have rarely see a ranking with more “positions” of 110-120, this one is 155

    if someone of the blog can read japanese should search 2ch, maybe the answer lies here, but maybe is wrong.

    oh, and look at black rock shooter position…

    1. I think there's explanations for these events:
      It's not unusual for remixes or new versions of old songs to spike with high rankings the week they are uploaded. The old version of the Druaga cover ended in 98th, probably because of the existence of the new cover.
      A few of the Previously Unranked songs were uploaded close to the end of the previous weekly ranking period (Oct. 26, 5am): #6 @ Oct. 26, 3:52am, #16 @ Oct. 24, 2:12, #17 @ Oct. 26, 4:17am. (I've got no explanation for #15, however.)
      As for Black Rock Shooter, it earned nearly many points this week (28,455) as last week (28,742) – its drop was solely due to a big week for new songs, and a high-scoring week in general.

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