New Vocaloid “Furukawa Miki”…?

Furukawa Miki...?
Furukawa Miki...?

And so it seems we will be having a new Vocaloid joining us as well, and this time round it’s not by Crypton or Internet. Information from HEARTFAST mentions that an X’mas song album from HEARTFAST and Yamaha A&R titled “VOCALOIDS★X’MAS” featuring the new Vocaloid will be released on November 18th 2009 at a price of 2,500 yen. For more information about the new Vocaloid as well as the songlist for the album just continue reading after the break~

Here’s the songlist for the album:

  1. Hakkoutai no Rudy / BucchigiriP
  2. Hello Hello・Hello Hello / Yuuyu
  3. This Christmas / Dixie Flatline
  4. Christmas Carol ga Owareba / Kobayashi Onxy & KTG (Aliced Twilightz)
  5. Presenter / sasakure.UK
  6. Oratorio / Captain Mirai
  7. Christmas Eve / awk
  8. Ave Maria: Schubert / MariaP
  9. Holy Night Rider / Toraboruta
  10. white light/white heat / Sherdock
  11. Christmas Eve / XXX RESIDENTS

The ordering for the new Vocaloid software (it’s likely to be Miki, but still not confirmed yet) will start in December 2009 and apparently the illustraton is by someone called Kozaki Yuusuke. That’s all we know currently, hopefully we can get more information in the near future.

Information thanks to forum member Miyuki for the notification.
Original info source: 初音ミクみく, HEARTFAST

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39 thoughts on “New Vocaloid “Furukawa Miki”…?”

  1. Looks like a cross between Eureka 7's Anemone and Diebuster. Why do I have a feeling that someone's pulling an intricate fast one on us, and it's not vocaloid at all, but a new UTAU using the better sampling method. Plus songs we've never heard of from Sasakure and Dixie Flatline? I think we would have heard of this stuff by now.

    1. Uh, vocaloid artists have always put exclusive songs they don't upload online onto CDs. Nothing new with that. Just encourages more people who like these Ps to actually buy the CD.

      1. Yeah, songs that aren't likely to do well on the countdown. That's what even more leads me to believe that this is a hoax. Usually the VP's save their holiday tunes for the December VocaRan. In addition, the timing seems all off, as well as the presentation. We've never had a Vocaloid introduced with a CD (without any mention of the actual software release, I might add). And said CD is announced less than three weeks before its debut? I would think we would have more warning than that. And what is with that concept art? Doll Joints? I'm sorry, but this all seems like a big joke to me. I think it's high time I tried this poll function.[polldaddy 2210123 polldaddy]

    1. Yay another person who likes it! It seems like feedback is overwhemingly negative. |D Personally I reckon it helps seperate her from the crowd.

      Also her colour scheme!! So clean and shiny. <333

  2. If it isn't a hoax, then this is a pretty cool way to introduce a vocaloid. If it is a hoax, then thank God, because he has the ugliest character design I have ever seen, including when I first saw the official art of Megpoid. This holds true even if it does turn out he's a girl.

  3. 'he'? 'None of the other vocaloids'?

    Because every single vocaloid comes from Crypton, amirite?


    This is totally unrelated to Crypton. She's a product of either Yamaha or a newcomer company (this would be the first Vocaloid for either).

    Crypton is currently working on a male vocaloid and the Project If series.

    Miki is legit, as she is on Yamaha's site. Her design is awesome, but losing the stars and shortening that huge shoulder fluff would be nice.

    …So anyways, why does Vocaloidism post stuff like 'lol Sonika has a comic', but not, say, 'PowerFX has stated that Vocaloid Big Al is three weeks from completion'?

    1. Girls are loved more. 😀 *gets smacked*

      …But it's most likely because none of us follows PowerFX's twitter, and… not all that sure of Big Al because it's been delayed so long.

    2. What are you talking about? Sweet Ann, Leon, Lola, Miriam, Prima, etc. didn't have character designs. (Sweet Ann had a picture, but…) Sonika does (sorta?), but I kinda like it. That's just personal preference, however. And much like Megpoid, fanart has improved my opinion of Maidloid, too. =)

      Also, it's just kinda default for me to think no chest = not a girl. Especially when dealing with stuff like this. "Miki" being a girl makes no difference here, however, so if it's a girl, then it's a girl. ^_^;

      …The thought of Big Al actually being completed and released makes me kind of sad. Not because I don't want him to be released or anything, just that now I can't make jokes about him being the "ghost" of the Vocaloid family. =(

  4. I like this Vocaloid so far, although I’ve yet to hear her voice orz
    Much better design than Gumi and Sonika. (sorry girls.)
    Also anxiously awaiting Crypton’s new Vocaloid~

  5. Ick, forgot something.

    She’s officially earned the nickname Ace from me. It’s a long, weird path but I have logic with this.
    Miki- > Mick- > Mickey- > Mouse- > Rat- > Plague Rat (PR)- > Asylum -> Ace for short, because “Asyl” is too strange for anyone to pronounce at first glance.

  6. Upon further inspection I realize I don't like Miki's clothes but like Miki's hair. I also want to point out that Miki is actually robotic looking unlike the previous ones.

    1. Auda? Oh yeah, she is floating… Wow, nothing about this new 'loid is affected by gravity. Thank goodness she doesn't have any rack to speak of or they might wind up looking like balloons. Still hate the design though.

  7. LOL

    A new vocaloid?! XD For some reason she looks like an utau. I actually did laugh out loud.

    I positively hate her dress, and that fluffy stuff around her neck. D: The gloves and shoes are very cool though. 😀

    However I love how she looks kind of robotic like. It's kinda cute. ^~^

  8. owo i think miki is preatty cool owo and i really like her songs ;3…and the clothes owo except the thing around her neck i love it 83

  9. I like her a lot. I don't understand you people. This is something new, and I really like the uniqueness of her. I admit the fluffy scarf thing around her neck is…not the most attractive thing about the design, but I think she's absolutely adorable for the most part~! >w<

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