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If you’ve visited our site recently, you’re probably wondering why there’s now a donation button on the side.  Well, it has to do with our forums.  Vocaforum ran on leased vBulletin technology, and that lease has expired, so there is currently no forum.  A year’s lease is $95, but Kevin (the site owner) is looking for the permanent buy option which is a one-time purchase of $195 and another $10 $20 for PayPal fees. EDIT: Miscalculated the PayPal fees.

In the interest of full disclosure, everyone knows that there are other, less expensive options for forums, but they don’t have the same level of functionality and customization that vBulletin has.  We are looking at those options, but 99% of them will end up being a downgrade from the current Vocaforum.

It’s still up to you whether you donate or not.  We won’t hate you if you don’t, and regardless of what happens, everything on the forums will be preserved to the best of Kevin’s ability.  If you do want to donate, hit the ChipIn button and follow the instructions.  We’re close to our goal, and any contributions will be greatly appreciated.

Edit on November 9th 2009: The target for the vB license has been reached. Thanks everyone for your kind contributions.

Edit on November 10th 2009: Vocaforum is back, welcome back all members! =D

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