New Vocaloid “Kaai Yuki” And “Hiyama Kiyoteru” By AH-Software, New Demo Song for “Project if…”

New Vocaloid by AH-Software: Kaai Yuki (Left), Hiyama Kiyoteru (Right)

Following the news that there will be two new Vocaloid that will be released along with Miki, information from Hatsune Miku Miku blog has finally revealed the identities of the new Vocaloid as more information will be provided right after the break so do continue reading!

“Kaai Yuki”, one of the two new Vocaloid pictured as a elementary school girl, recreates a girl’s pure and lovely singing voice and actual elementary school students have been hired to produce the voice for her while “Hiyama Kiyoteru”, pictured as a “sensei” or teacher, reproduces the voice of an adult male, one with true talents and ability. Teacher Vocaloid “VOCALOID2 Hiyama Kiyoteru” is an outstanding VOCALOID influenced by an good singer’s voice based on VOCALOID development. With a stored extensive library, new methods of sound recording allows for high precision when reproducing the singing voice. Unique to adult males, the treble is clean and you can make a healing/comforting singing voice using a deep voice.

Here are some song demos using the new Vocaloid software on Nico Nico Douga:

And you can also click on these links to listen to Yuki and Kiyoteru’s voice.

They will be released together with Miki on December 4th 2009 at a retail price of 15,000 (15,750 with taxes included) yen each. You can head over to AH-Software to view more information about Miki, Kaai Yuki and Hiyama Kiyoteru.

Additional bit of information: The previews for some of the songs in the Christmas CD featuring Miki is available here so you may want to give it a listen before considering if you want to buy the album or not.

And just earlier today Crypton has posted a new demo song for “Project if…” titled “Boy” by ToraborutaP and you can listen to it here or go over to their blog to listen to it.
At the same time Crypton has set up a Twitter account specially for “Project if…” so you may want to follow them on Twitter for the latest updates. Also, Crypton has noted in the blog entry that the new Vocaloid software by AH-Software is by no means related to “Project if…” in any way.

Info source: 初音ミクみく, Crypton

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21 thoughts on “New Vocaloid “Kaai Yuki” And “Hiyama Kiyoteru” By AH-Software, New Demo Song for “Project if…””

  1. Oh boy, I'm gonna have a LOT to talk about with this one. Yuki doesn't sound like any gradeschool artist I've ever heard. She sounds more like a cross between the breathiness of Mariah Carey and Luka. It was a bad example. For Kiyoteru, I'd like to hear him cover a Kaito song first and see the differences. Miki… what were they thinking putting her in a duet with Miku for her example. She obviously doesn't hold a candle. Her voice was far too unrefined, and should have been in the shop for another year at least. Final Thoughts: It's going to get crowded in the Vocaloid Neighborhood in MMD, with the AH crew moving in next door. I'd have to wait to see if any of the P's manage to improve on their settings before giving my full judgment, but really it looks like AH is blowing their load all at once. And really, the characters are just H-doujin fuel, in a Kodomo no Jikan kind of way. [polldaddy 2249370 polldaddy]

  2. I thought Miki sounded like Gumi meets Rin in the first Demo I heard, but if you listen to the second sample on the Xmas cd site, she actually has a very pretty unique voice.

    I'm not pleased with the other two though… I wanna know why the heck they designed someone so awesome like Miki and then just slapped some visual novel / date sim art on the cover… Kiyoteru has a nice voice… but with enough work, Kaito can sound just as amazing… I have yet to hear anything unique to him.

    Don't even let me get started on Kaai…

  3. Bwah sorry of a second comment, but To Redemption's comment; I needed to point out. Miki is NOT doing a Duet with Miku, that Is only Miki, if you listen to the songs posted on the Xmas Cd site you can hear that that's how she sounds when she sings higher, and I thing it sounds more like Rin than Miku, but again as I said In my own comment, Miki does have a unique voice in in that second sample.
    I don't think that any company would use another companies vocaloid for the samples to promote their own vocaloid. Kaai sings the same song that Miki does for her NND sample, and she too has her own voice doing the back-up singing.

      1. You might want to check your headphones. They made it that it was Miki on the left and Miku on the right. As Vocaloid fans, I'm sure we would all recognize Miku's voice by now, so my guess is that your headphones have lost stereo capability, and it's only coming out of one ear.

        1. No its not my head phones *doesn't use any*
          I have a acer laptop that has some sound sound problems, and the speakers aren't very good either. I adjusted the sound in the properties, and yeah, I can hear her better now.

          XD ah well.
          I'm really not fond of the NND samples. I thought she sounded amazing in the Xmas CD samples though.

    1. Uh-uh. Hate to burst your bubble Anarnee, but on the sample in the NND Player above, when parenthesis show up next to the lyrics, it clearly says in japanese that the backup singer is Miku. It's right there at time stamp 0:48.

  4. At 0:33 on the Miki video:


    I agree completely, anonymous Eleven. I agree completely.

    But seriously, I think Miki's voice has potential. I didn't like Rin's voice when I first heard it, and now Rin is one of my favorites… and as someone else on the vid commented, it does sound like an adult version of Rin. It's all about how the individual tunes the Vocaloid, and I think Miki could have some great songs in the future. =)

    Kaai has a very clear voice, like a few UTAU I know… I actually like it. It sounds so human-like. Looking forward to seeing what people can do with Kaai too. On the design… no comment, but I will say that I do read Kodomo no Jikan. Take from that what you will.

    Hiyama sounds like he would have a great voice if they would turn that echo effect off. Or, if that's not an effect, and that's really what he sounds like, then I am disappoint. His design's so cute, too… =(

    In summary: I'm a bit of an optimist, but I still think all three have potential. Go Vocaloids! =D

  5. Miki and Kiyoteru do not carve out enough of a niche away from the existing Vocaloids that I doubt their potentials for success. It's hard to say for sure due to the limited number of samples available, but I do think that Miki and Kiyoteru do have slightly better samples than their Crypton counterparts Miku and Kaito. Yuki at least tries to carve out a new space, but all three of AH's products will likely be overshadowed by Crypton's projects: Miku Append, Project if…, and the new mystery male Vocaloid. If Internet is having trouble getting marketspace with their more unique Vocaloids in the increasingly crowded Vocaloid market, then AH will have even less of a chance at success, though it depends somewhat on the timetable for Crypton's new releases.

  6. I thought the demos on the official webpage and the Christmas album preview does a better job at showing what the new voices are capable of. That being said, I do love what I heard and seen of Miki. Kiyoteru's voice sounds decent enough and I'm still iffy about Yuki overall. I'll admit her design isn't really helping. I'm all for devianting from KEI's design like they did for Miki but not so much for the rather generic loliness that Yuki has. At least we have a new male Vocaloid, still I don't hate her.

  7. Kaai Yuki sounds alright, but Hiyama Kiyoteru sounds way too much like Kaito and Miki reminded me too much of other vocaloids, especially GUMI. And this might just be my imagination, but in the other Miki samples, she reminded me heaps of Rin. Or was that just me being delusional again??

  8. I'm very excited for the release of these Vocaloids. Kaai's voice is really good but at the same time creepy.. almost reminds me of Disney Channel kid singers, but Japanese. I already love Miki, I love her design a lot, too. Even though most people are negatively critiquing them, I must say they are very well-made coming from a newer company. :]

    1. I also want to add that I don't approve of the bland character designs for Yuki and Kiyoteru.
      And that I think Miki's color should be white or something since she is coming out in the snowy month of December.. oh and she has a white costume. What should her item be…? candy canes xD

  9. Yuki's voice sounds nothing like a nine year old, but it's not bad (but she sounds kinda like tako Luka). Hiyama's voice is a little smoother than Kaito's but other than that there really is no difference. I'm a little disappointed since I had high hopes for these guys too. :C

  10. Frankly, Kiyoteru's voice is not so different from Kaito, but if you pay attention, he's smoother and more powerful. Also, he displays distinguished voices in Rock genre. I do like his realistic character : ) At least, he has background like normal people — a teacher who plays for the band on weekends (laugh)
    I don't refuse that his echo voice is quite terrible = =. But he sings extremely nice in many songs — especially Under the Darkness 😀

    Yuki's voice is clear. I like her childish voice, but it's difficult to adjust hers = =. Miki's voice is like a robot. For female Vocaloid, I prefer those previous.

    [just my opinion]

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