MikuMikuDance goes next-gen with Version 6

One bad touch deserves another
One bad touch deserves another

On November 11th, the Vocaloid Promotional Video Project has released a brand new version of MMD.  Version 6 is going to be a new, souped-up version of the software we all know and love.  Because of this, it’s in a “pilot” version available in the usual places.  It’s still not top-of-the-line software, but Vista or Windows 7 is recommended.

With the new MMD software comes a new MMD companion program.  Meet MikuMikuTransborder, a program that allows you to insert your MMD work into other 3D programs that support DirectX. Want an example?  Just look below.

MikuMikuTransborder is already a Nicotag, so searching for that will give you all the vids that are fit to stream. It’ll be interesting to see where this new direction in MMD will lead us.

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