“Just Be Friends” with Rockleetist

(Image Source: yunomi)
(Image Source: yunomi)

Heya peeps! Remember that little quip I said at the end of the WVR #111 review article? Something about Utatte Mita and “Just Be Friends?” Well… okay, maybe it’s not much of an Utatte Mita as it is an English-translated Vocaloid song done by a western singer, but trust me on this, it’s not as bad as it sounds. In fact, it’s really, really, REALLY epic and does the original justice. Don’t believe me? See for yourself and you be the judge:

So… now are you guys interested…?

That little number up there was done by none other than Rockleetist, a resident singer in YouTube who has been translating and singing Vocaloid songs for quite some time now. Her full info is disclosed on her YouTube Channel and blogspot, so I won’t be repeating them here (yeah, I’m lazy orz). Now, I really don’t know how she flew under my radar, but she’s quite famous with YouTube Vocaloid-fans, with over 1,400+ subscribers and still growing.

Now you guys may ask, “how did you find her, DK, being a lazy-ass ‘Tuber who can’t use the search bar to save your life?” I was looking for English lyrics for SPiCE! one day (don’t ask) and I just happened to stumble upon her video:

…And lemme tell you, after I heard her voice, right then and there, I swooned… literally. So I listened to more of her songs, some of which are even the most obscure of Rin songs, and grew to admire her as a dedicated singer and fellow Vocaloid-fan. Then I saw her list of upcoming videos with JBF at number 1, that’s when I swore to make article about her and her wonderful talent… but only after JBF is done and uploaded. And here we are right now.

What really excites me now is that I personally invited her to come visit V-ism and be a member… But so far she has only registered for the blog (registration for the blog and forums are two separate things), so hopefully we’ll start to hear from her very soon. I’m really looking forward to having her be a part of the V-ism community. Who knows? She may actually become another one of the crazies in the Vocaforums (but I’d rather hope she turns out sane…)! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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12 thoughts on ““Just Be Friends” with Rockleetist”

  1. djkfhslduifjhdghfgg;;g;g just listened to about half her gallery and it is amazing. <333 Strobe Nights was so pretty. And now you guys get to hang out with her yey ~ : D

    1. Well… not yet, unfortunately. She's busy with a lot of stuff, it seems. But hopefully she will register for the Vocaforums and/or make blog articles about her latest/upcoming works (remember: those who registered at the V-ism blog can make articles for us) when she has the free time.

  2. I've been following her for ages, and I have even suggested that you listen to her on the forum AGES before this post was ever made. Oh well, I was a noob at the time.

    1. Really…!? o.O

      Dayum~ I must’ve been really ignorant and stupid back then. I remember hating a certain English-translated version of MELT sung by some dude, and the lyrics involved a “Skull Ring.” I was, like, WTF~!?

  3. False! I am around! Unfortunately my schedule is very busy and 90% of my time is twittering consistently. Though I promise I'll try to put up something nice for you soon.

    I work very hard on my dubs and my vocal adaptations and know to know that others enjoy them so much and care to write such kind reviews and feedback to me warms my heart. 😀 Music means everything to me, and there are many people out there who don't appreciate Vocaloid's English capabilities.

    I plan on posting this to my accounts elsewhere as well. Thank you again!

    1. OMGOMGOMG~ It’s her~!!! Ooooh, I’m so starstruck right now…! X3

      Hilarity aside, I’m glad you got the time to be around the V-ism and Vocaforums even on your busy Tweeting schedule XD. Welp, hope to see you around more often!

  4. You do realize this is THE rockleetist, the very same epic person formerly known as Skittle Sama who made that epic song The Life of a Mary Sue…right?


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