Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #112 – “Steppin’ it up!”

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Y’know… I was really, really tempted to subtitle this week’s rank-review with some corny “Color-Coded” joke, like “Power Rangers“, or “Rainbow Brite“… However, my pride and sanity got the better of me, so I just went for something simple and tells readers exactly what’s going on with each and every WVR article I make: an evolution.

Honestly speaking, I take pride in making these articles for the V-ism staff and the community in general. It may not be much, but for me it really means a lot when I can contribute whatever I can to the Vocaloid fans, and for them to benefit from it. That’s why I’m also grateful to get whatever help the community gives back to me, like positive feedback and volunteer editing (deztora and redemption2 have done an excellent job so far at tranlation and statistical work). Really, it’s a great honor to work with and for you guys and the V-ism community.

Gah-! I’m starting to get sappy. Alright! Let’s just move on with the rankings! Take note that there will be slight color changes on rank status and editor comments from this point onwards, for easier reading. Also, some editors might refrain from commenting on the individual songs altogether so the song chart wouldn’t be too cluttered.

-Editors: Crimson = DK, DarkGreen = DT, DarkBlue = JM, Violet = dez, Orange = red2
-Song Stats: Rank Up, Rank Down, Unmoved, Previously Unranked, NEW

D’oh!!! This week’s ranking is EXTREEEMLY early today, like, 8 hours early… It really screwed me up big-time… I apologize for our apparent lateness.


Ooh, I love my new color. 😀

Once again, CD news! The creator of “celluloid,” “kanaria” and such, the highly recommended baker-san’s major debut album, “filmstock,” will be released November 25th.

This week and hereafter there will continue to be more Vocaloid CD releases! With Christmas coming, well…


I think I’ll leave this part for red2 to explain some complicated science-y stuff now…

What… ME?! Why am I suddenly being thrown under the bus here?!  *sigh*  Give me a second while I crunch some numbers.  Mmm… yummy.

This week was actually pretty low-scoring in comparison with some of the others.  I didn’t expect Desire, which got under 40k, to survive, especially mid-countdown.  This was a very up week for major artists, as I predicted last week.  Samfree got four spots, and natsu clenched the top.  But enough with last week’s predictions.

Speaking of current ranks, Pararoro-I-can’t-pronounce-it dropped off the countdown.  Not only that but I had to retire Druaga, Bakuhatsushiyo, and Kimi-Boshi because they dropped under 100th place (Kimi-Boshi didn’t place at all).  So far the 50% to 75% point dropoff remains true, however if they reach a stable fanbase level, which basically means that the amount of views nearly equals the amount of Mylist points, it may hover around the countdown for a while.

As for future predictions, I’m really really hoping that raid of glass makes it up the charts.  I can’t stop listening to it.  Chain Girl seems to be reaching a stable level, however it could fall off the countdown before it stabilizes. Desire won’t make the cut, while its 111 counterparts might stick around for another week if it’s another low-roller. This week’s top three will stick around the low 10’s, however I’m thinking Fate:Rebirth will stay in the top 5.

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9 thoughts on “Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #112 – “Steppin’ it up!””

  1. Re: 千年の独奏歌
    More like people pushing views for the song to reach the 1 million mark, rather than random spamming shenanigans.

  2. Hello, Planet seems to be creeping up in ranks. Its 31 today. It may end up in the next ranking, which is nice, since I like the song/chiptune in general.

  3. songs that were ranked 28-34 have only total scores of 34000-35000. i felt sorry for paradichlorobenzene because i removed it from all my mylists, so i could add it again for next week's ranking. i hope i am not the only one who did that. =(

  4. I added Paradichlorobenzene to the Vocaloid Wiki, which might raise awareness and bring it back to the countdown. It only missed it by 4 slots.

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