2009 Vocaloidism Awards, Part 1

If you think that's bad, wait 'til you see the gift bag.
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Welcome to the 2009 Vocaloidism Awards, the show 3-part blog where YOU decide the winners.  We have an exciting lineup of awards, some great surprises, and competitive categories.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, and if we do, well, there’s always next year.

The way this will work is that in this entry, we’ll announce a category and its nominees, and you’ll have about 2 weeks to choose a winner.  In part 2, we’ll announce the winners and the second set of categories and nominees.  More voting will ensue, we’ll announce the winners and wrap things up in our final entry.

Tonight, we’re going to announce our nominees for Video of the Year and Best New Producer, but in a twist to conventional award shows, we start with our Lifetime Achievement Award.

2009 has been a banner year for Miku Hatsune.  In her 2nd year, she has helped promote Vocaloid software into mainstream culture like never before.  There have been many people to thank for this, but tonight, we’re honoring one person in particular.

Do you know who made this?  Now don’t cheat.  If you don’t, that’s okay.  I’m sure some of you do and some of you don’t.  Perhaps you’ll be more familiar with another work of his.

I think you know who we’re talking about now.  Of the 2 dozen or so Vocaloid songs with a million views or more, he’s responsible for 5 of them, including one of the most popular Miku Hatsune songs of all time.  We are, of course, talking about ryo.

Co-founder of the doujin group supercell, ryo’s works have been comparatively few, but each song has had a lasting impact, impacts that have gone beyond the world of Nico Nico Douga.

A short list of ryo and his group’s accomplishments: an anime (seen above), various figures, a gold album, and opportunities beyond the world of Miku Hatsune.  Needless to say, but I’ll say it anyway; ryo’s star is rising, and his success should serve as an inspiration to anyone who buys a Vocaloid CD.

So for his music, his group, and his success, we at Vocaloidism are proud to present our award for Lifetime Achievement to ryo.

(Here to accept the award is, well, no one, though if anyone did, that’d be awesome and can we interview you?)

Now that we’re underway, we’ll move to the other awards.  Here are the nominees for Best New Producer. (Big thanks to Miyuki for helping with the eligibility criteria.)







The poll for the award will be below, along with the award for Video of the Year.  The nominees are:


“Nebula,” tripshots

“Gummy Bear RMX,” sasakure.UK

“LOL -lots of laugh-,” mikumix

“Campanella,” sasakure.UK

“Noroi no Megane~ stray girl in her lenses,” ぶっちぎりP

. .

You have until Midnight JST on December 12/13  to vote.  Part two comes on the 15th.

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20 thoughts on “2009 Vocaloidism Awards, Part 1”

  1. Voted for とくP

    I love Color and Butterfly

    As for the video since I'm not very familiar with the rest I just voted for Nebula…

  2. I vote for 現実逃避P. I love Ura-Omote Lovers, especially the feel of the lyrics.
    For music video I voted for Nebula. The video for LoL is really good too, but the video for Nebula is so professional and amazing. Actually, all of Tripshots videos are amazing :3

  3. Best New Producer is really a hard choice. I can easily choose three or even two from five, but further choice is hard. Anyway, between れるりり and ハチ my vote goes to ハチ.

    Unlike Best New Producer, Video of the Year is much easier. For me it's definitely Nebula.

  4. FurukawaP gets my vote, though all other producers are my favorites too.
    Actually there were many many new producers this year – so exciting.

    campanella is my video-choice… gorgeous music and visuals. close second was noroi no megane!

  5. I voted for Geshu…Gensho…Gen…damn, I can't read kanji. >.< Well, yeah, that guy for producer.
    And Noroi no Megane has to get best video, it's seriously underrated. I know Tripshots is cool with his 3D and all, but it's really overrated.

  6. TokuP is where it's at.
    Hachi doesn't do anything for me. PVs and songs are nice, but nothing worth listening multiple times.

    And I voted for stray girl in her lenses. Nebula is very well made, but I've watched stray girl in her lenses, Campanella, and LOL way more times than Nebula.

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