Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #113 – “GUMI’s Revenge”

(Image Source: ユウノ)
(Image Source: ユウノ)

The previous weeks have seen GUMI slowly (but steadily) rising from the ashes of her initial glory back into mainstream popularity. Whether this could be attributed to her numerous excellent cover songs (Bad Apple!!, Seikan Hikou), or wildly-imaginative P originals (Campanella, Eraser) is up for debate.

I’m gonna keep this intro short since I’m still burned out from making Krystal’s Vocaforum award… so head on over to this week’s ranking chart.


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(I apologize for the delay. This took next to no time to translate, but I was busy all day with college work.) 🙁

“Anata no Utahime” famed azuma-san’s complete CD, “EXIT TUNES PRESENTS THE COMPLETE BEST OF azuma feat. Hatsune Miku,” will be released on December 2nd.

Also this week, Miki-san, Yuki-chan and Kiyoteru-sensei are released! So in next week’s Vocaloid ranking, I wonder if these three will take over…?

I’m super-excited for next week! (Me too!)


Former hits took major blows, and everything we hoped to see had sunk.  I was sad to see that two of the GUMI songs had dropped off the countdown this week, and especially sad to find that raid of glass didn’t make it up at all.

Last week, I predicted that 112’s top 3 would drop to mid-countdown, with Fate:Rebirth staying a bit higher.  I was surprised to see how low that one dropped.  I guess it’s been a bit too long since Imitation Black to have as much of a stage presence. If you’re wondering where InfiniteHOLiC went, it crashed to 35.  Talk about a painful slap to the face.  111’s top three also shifted off the countdown, R-18 holding on to 40th, while Boukyaku Alice slipped to 76.  Chain Girl also followed, going down to 36.

One thing I noticed between 112 and 113 was that JBF had the exact same number of Mylists, 1609.  Only the viewership and the comments reduced it by 4000 points.  Considering how stable the fanbase is for this song, if they continue to keep that many Mylists in place, it’s likely this won’t ever get knocked off the countdown save for a massive flood of new and epic songs.

For next week, I expect to retire three: Boukyaku Alice, Desire, and either InfiniteHOLiC or R-18.  None of them have the gusto to make it for another week in the top 100, while Chain Girl might have enough to stabilize in its current position.  Gravity=Reality will shift off the countdown almost assuredly, but Fate:Rebirth might be able to hold on.  With the release of the AH-crew Vocaloids mid-week, 114 is going to be basically impossible to predict, so I’m not even going to try for this week’s top 3.  Hang on, because it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

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7 thoughts on “Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #113 – “GUMI’s Revenge””

  1. "raid of glass" didn't stand a chance, unfortunately – after taking 51st in ranking 112, it was kind of hard to see it gain enough points to break the top 30 in this week's ranking. Well, the recent rise in GUMI's popularity has seen a few more of her songs re-emerge in the low rankings in the past couple weeks – perhaps she will see a number 1 ranking soon. Probably not within the next week, though I can't say I can predict what will happen. The three new AH Vocaloids won't have much time to make an impact in next week's rankings, but they'll certainly have an amount of influence.

    A few notes gleaned from the NND user comments while watching:
    – "1925" may have jumped to 40 based on increased uttate-mita / covers, including two from Ren and GUMI.
    – "Urotander" is celebrating its two-year anniversary! The view count didn't rise too much, but just look at the massive comment count…
    – It was noted that this is the second time that producer Hachi has locked GUMI out of the top spot for the weekly ranking; the first was back in ranking 94. It's probably for the best – it's probably not right to have GUMI's first #1 ranking be a cover, wouldn't it be better if it was an original?

    1. Good point on 1925. I forgot the Len and GUMI covers came out because I don't care for the song. =/

      I thought the same on GUMI's first #1 being a cover, but it was such a perfect fit in the first place. Back when I first heard the song when Bakemonogatari first came out, and I listened to a Miku cover of it, I realized that GUMI's voice would be perfect for it. So I longed for the day when someone would make a good, quality GUMI cover of it… (Same with Seikan Hikou, actually; big surprise it ended up being the same person.)

  2. Oh, God…Paradichlorobenzene was FOUR SLOTS AWAY. As much as I love that song, I must admit to myself it's not coming back to the Countdown. But I can hope!

    And Bad Apple!! was only ONE SLOT AWAY.

    1. And then wait…why are so many songs making a comeback?!? Black*Rock Shooter is back up again. So is Cendrillon. And what on earth is Aku no Musume doing at 74?

      1. Aku no Musume is up there because the viewers are trying to get the song to hit one million views on NND (which indeed hit one million views on November 26th 2009 at 2320 hours Japan time), while the Weekly Vocaloid Ranking for #113 calculates the points from November 23rd 0500 hours to November 30th 0500 hours.

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