MMD Update – November 2009

This should hopefully increase the number of Luka fics out there.
Of course they used protection; their shoes are on.

As a semi-hearted attempt to implement featured articles on a regulated basis, I’m going to start doing an MMD article at or around the 1st of the month to recap the news and notes. This won’t stop major stuff from being posted immediately every now and again, but this will be the main one-stop shop for MikuMikuDance.

Of course, these will always be accompanied by an MMD picture, normally of my orchestration, and I’ll gladly take the blame for this one.  Try to unsee THAT, kids! 😀

12 days after the premiere of MMD version 6, we’ve gone all the way up to 6.08. Among the new stuff is the ability to save via CTRL+S.  The issues that came up from earlier versions and required a pilot version (while ticking MMD v5 up to 5.22) appeared to have subsided.  You should know in which places you can the new versions by now.

In other news, the next MMD Cup has been annouced.  “MMDCUP IV A New Hope” (how original) is set to kick off around February 2010, hopefully with a better name.

Speaking of MMD Cup, here’s last summer’s Group 1 winner to help wash the wonderful intro picture out of your retinas.

Expect more videos of similar theme to crop up as we get closer to the Vancouver Olympics.

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