Vocaloidism Blog Hits 250K Views! Thanks For The Continuous Support~

Image source: perico
Image source: perico

Well, looking back it has been an exciting year for Vocaloidism. Ever since we reached our last milestones a few months ago we are proud to announce that the Vocaloidism blog has broke 250,000 views and this was actually achieved back on November 30th 2009 at around 1100 hours GMT+7. Of course, all this wouldn’t have been possible without the support of you guys so we would like to thank all the readers and visitors at Vocaloidism and hopefully this will act as further motivation for the blog team to bring more interesting and informative news to fellow Vocaloid fans as always.

And while we are announcing the Vocaloidism Awards for some of the best Vocaloid songs and creators around in the year of 2009, we are also happy that Hatsune Miku Miku blog even posted an translated entry regarding the awards as well, it surely is an honor to be mentioned there. =D

So remember to stay updated to Vocaloidism for your fix of Vocaloid news and information and once again, thanks so much for the support! ^__^

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