New Miku Append Songs, Append Demo Version To Be Released Soon

Image source: NEGI
Image source: NEGI

Information from Hatsune Miku Miku blog has revealed that songs made using Miku’s new Append have been uploaded onto Nico Nico Douga as Crypton recently released more information regarding the new Miku Append. For more information just continue reading after the break~

First off, here are the songs created using Miku’s Append soft.

Next off, songs made using Miku’s Append dark.

松尾P has uploaded a demo song made using Miku’s Append dark and soft for comparison and you can view them below.

To hear more songs, you can search for videos on NND under the tag 初音ミクAppend.

Also, Crypton has announced that the demo version of the Append that comes together with the January issue of the DTM magazine will consist of Miku’s new Append dark and soft (very small and vivid not included) and that the demo version of the Miku Append will soon be released on other means as well. The demo version is limited to 14 days from the date of installation and it’s not possible to save the VSQ file. However it is possible to export the file in the WAV format. For more information you can visit Crypton’s blog entry about this.

Info source: Hatsune Miku Miku blog – Here and here, Crypton

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