Sonika’s Other New Look Determined For Real This Time

Annoymous for now
Annoymous for now

You are looking at the winning entry for the Sonika’s New Look contest.  The name of the winner has not been disclosed, but a copy of Sonika software is making a beeline to his or her door as we speak.  Congratulations.

This had absolutely nothing to do with the new Sonika box art, which was mentioned earlier.  And, as another blogger was unfortunate to find out, I was right on the nose.  Maybe this is just a by-product of being old and jaded, but I’ve noticed that a fandom can quickly blow minor things out of proportion, which happened to be the case here.  Now we can all move on…except me, who’s still staring at the smoking hawt Wibisono picture.

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8 thoughts on “Sonika’s Other New Look Determined For Real This Time”

  1. Y'know I am rather surprised you guys aren't talking about Big Al, who is particularly SMOKING HOT now. In case you didn't get the news~

    …I mean god damn. Gakupo and all the Japanese Vocaloids have never gotten my attention like Big Al has. *w*

    1. Well, we actually had the draft post for Big Al prepared not long after the discussion about Big Al started in the forums. But we decided it would be better to e-mail Power-FX first hoping that they would give us some more information regarding Big Al before publishing the post, so the post is on hold for now.

      1. Eh, PowerFX tweeted about it and there isn't a whole lot of information left to release that hasn't already been provided. Waiting until anyone you can inform already knows isn't the best idea.

  2. wait I never saw this image ಠ___ಠ

    man trust me to skip over the best one. But really, it's great! And I like that the picture itself isn't any fancier than it should be.
    Congrats to them, they deserve it!

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