Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #116 – More Bad Apples!!

Miki Gumi Miku Christmas
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So far, we have seen one of Touhou’s famous “BGM-turned-JPop-song” BAD APPLE!! rendered by Miku, Luka and GUMI. Now, MEIKO has stepped into the fray and came up with her own cover. How will it fare in this week’s edition of the ranking…?

But first, lemme try this just once to see how it works: since the WVR have been getting a lot of delays lately, I want to preempt the review and publish this article way earlier than the upload of the ranking video. This way, our loyal readers would have an idea what to expect in the actual WVR and be able to look forward to watching it. Of course, the Weekly NND Ranking for Vocaloid-related videos can be found here.

The WVR video has now been uploaded. Head on down for this week’s review!


-Editors: Crimson = DK, DarkGreen = DT, DarkBlue = JM, Violet = dez, Orange = red2
-Song Stats: Rank Up, Rank Down, Unmoved, Previously Unranked, NEW

Everyone already knows all of this, and it’s kind of pointless since we’ve almost reached the 10K mark anyway, but I still translated it. 😛

But first, a bit of extra news. If anyone was wondering why the sudden jump in seemingly random Gakupo songs, it’s because there was a Gakupo song contest where the winner could have his/her song sung by Gackt. (I don’t know if it was talked about on this blog because I joined Vocaloidism in September.) The songs that got bumped are ostensibly the winners. I… didn’t really pay too much attention to the contest, to be honest, so I don’t know for sure, but it also talks about it a bit at the beginning of the ranking. Anyway, Miku to Venus!

When you’re gazing up at the night sky on Christmas… or rather, how would you like to see your messages launched into the sky? Thanks to the nico nico tech department, there’s a signature project to get a picture of Hatsune Miku on board the Venus probe “Akatsuki”. Onward!

How do we get illustrations of Miku on the spacecraft? If we gather ten thousand signatures, one of the aluminum plates on board will be reserved just for Miku.

“If you could, please, help us by signing. We need your help.” …is the request of the nico nico tech department.

On the web, it’s easy to sign with anonymity. On top of the project homepage (http://kanmisikou.net/lab/venus/en/ [changed the link to English]), go to the signature page and just fill in the necessary field(s).

You and Miku going to Venus… Isn’t that a romantic thought?

Ah, the deadline is midnight JST, January 6th, 2010. Until then, in case we don’t meet again… stay warm?

Aim for the reservation and let’s all do our best!

UPDATE: the goal has been reached! We did it!! 😀


On a personal note, I hope Tripshots works exclusively with SOMESAT in the future. Seems like they’re a perfect fit together.

Overall it was a high scoring week spread out throughout the countdown, however the top 5 really didn’t take off as did previous weeks. The Gakupo boost generated interest all over the top 100, and that caused a major shift too. As I said before CLW’s sequel didn’t score as high as I expected, and even Electric Love didn’t have the massive impact of CLW or Chain Girl.

Speaking of Chain Girl, it dipped below the 100 mark, thus retiring it from my tracker, along with the Bakemonogatari ED from GUMI. Last week’s top three landed smack dab in the second-week spots, but Blindness took more of a fall than I expected. CLW has hit approximately the same place as JBF, and if the fanbase holds, will become another staple to the countdown. I’m hoping at least. Romantic Night still has a supportive fanbase just like Night Fever, and if it weren’t for the distributed scores overall, it might have stayed in the top 30. Instead it fell to 42, with Demon Celebration at 52, Fate:Rebirth at 67, and Pretty Fundoshi at 73.

As for next week, anything below 50 is on the retire monitor. Synchro and Yandere Luka may keep up for another week in the top 30. However this week’s top 3 don’t have enough points going for them to have a strong showing next week. If we were at 8,200 signatures for Miku to Venus BEFORE this video, I think we’ll have to start calling her a goddess soon.

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