V-ism: “not the center of the Voca-Universe”

Miku vs Miki
V-ism community: Elitist Japanophile scumbags, or just misunderstood? (Image Source: ナニカシイラ)

Recently, it has come to our attention that the V-ism community is not quite living up to its motto as “The Center of the English Vocaloid Community.” In fact, the opposite has occured: we are being perceived as egotistic and biased – praising Japanese Vocaloids to no end while scoffing at English Vocaloids (“Engloids” to most of the fanbase). Consequently, issues have also arose that editors are not being serious and/or resourceful enough in creating news articles; most of the blame is pointed at JM and his snarky remarks in his Sonika-related posts. However, the voice of one can also be perceived as the voice of the entire community, so now the entirety of V-ism is being criticized for it.

Clearly this is very disheartening news for the rest of the V-ism community, especially those uninvolved but have still come under heavy flak. So, on behalf of the entire V-ism Blog staff, allow me to apologize, make amends and bridge the gap between the Japanese and English Vocaloid communities.

Alright… first off, we need to remedy this issue about the bias against and lack of info on English Vocaloids. Clearly our editorial staff is lacking in this department (and JM’s snarky comments on Sonika didn’t help, either). So here’s my honest suggestion:

The V-ism Blog is open to articles from anyone who simply registers. There is no need to be an editor just to write Vocaloid-related stuff (seriously, the only perk editors have is getting their articles published faster). So I invite any able personnel from other Vocaloid-based communities  (Engloids’s, Vocaloid Otaku Network, etc.) to write what they can about the English Vocaloids that we, the V-ism community, may simply not know of. The editors can then do the rest of the publishing for you (especially me, I’m the most open-minded to new Vocaloid-related information *gloats*).

I also invite EVERYBODY to contribute what they can to the V-ism Wiki. To be quite honest, I’m really disappointed in its current state and the fact that we have little to no contributors (even in our own community… yeah, we’re lazy too, it seems). So any bit of help that leads to Vocawiki becoming the premier Vocaloid-related “to-go-to” Wiki would be greatly appreciated.

With that, I repeat my sincerest apologies on behalf of the entire V-ism community. We would still like to be your trustworthy source for Vocaloid information. Hopefully, this could be the start of fruitful and beneficial collaborations between different Vocaloid fanbases.

Miki vs Miku
V-ism is currently being whipped into common sense. (Image Source: えろ豆)

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