Vocaloid Big Al Released!

Information from PowerFX’s twitter page has revealed that Big Al has now been released and you can now go over to their site to get your copy of him at the price of 149 USD.

And here’s a demo below of Big Al singing to a few songs. For more song demos and information about Big Al just continue reading after the break.

First of all, here are the new song demos of Big Al. The new art of Big Al was done by Ash Geogick, who’s also the same person doing the official comic strips for Sonika’s webpage.

For those of you interested about how the Voice Actor behind Big Al looks like, here’s an picture of him above. With credits to Kimicatdemon it is now known that the VA behind Big Al is actually Frank Sanderson. Frank used to work for Power-FX before becoming a voice professionalist during which he has helped to create much things for the company such as their Sound library, Apple loops and other products as well.

And here’s the measurements of Big Al as well, he does seem tall doesn’t he?

Hopefully with the release of Big Al we can look forward to great songs that could be made using him, if anything he seems pretty impressive so far.

Info source: Engloids’s Blog, Kimicatdemon, Power-FX

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