About the article that’s no longer here

(Portions have been edited for cleanliness.  Also, I didn’t know this was vetted so quickly.)

…the article I wrote, that got deleted, got me and everyone else a bunch of flak, and the article for which I have written this very apology.

Here’s the short version: I wrote something that was haphazard, over the top, and over the line and I was appropriately called out on it at every level.  For that, and for being a burden on everybody (especially the people who have stuck out their necks on my behalf, even though they did not have to) I apologize.  I will try to use more discretion in the future, provided I have one with this blog, but that’s not a topic for here.

If you are satisfied with this statement, then I hope we can move on and pick up where we all left off.  If you aren’t, there’s the long version.

The following is not a justification, per se.  It is merely an explanation of how things came to be and a bit of personal deconstruction.  This may or may not improve my position, but full disclosure is the primary goal here.  Also note that this is being edited by my peers and superiors.

The timeline

Here were my feelings/observations about the comic that inspired the article questions.

  • The comic was amusing
  • Poor Gumi
  • Did they flip the panels for the Japanese version?
  • They did.  They normally don’t do that.
  • Come to think of it, that looks really bad.
  • And lazy.
  • Especially compared to their earlier works.

With that mindset, I wrote what I wrote, and while writing about a comic about a character putting her foot in her mouth, I ironically did the same.  Big time.  Again, sorry about that.

On Sunday, I was on a train for most of the day.  When I got home, I saw a message saying the article was taken down.  I gave no objection.  Monday was a dentist appointment and recovery.  After that, I was notified of the backlash and started putting things in motion.  So if you are wondering why it took me so long, there’s a reason; I was afk for the better parts of 2 days.  I’m sorry I didn’t react sooner, but life got in the way at the most inopportune time.

About the author

Here’s the “personal deconstruction” part, some of which I’m thinking you won’t appreciate.

I got in to Vocaloids because of the tech aspect.  The characters, nationalities or any of that don’t come into play; what I found interesting is that if you found the proper casing for the software, you have the world’s coolest digital piano.  That’s it.  I don’t arbitrarily favor any Vocaloid character over the other, and I certainly don’t hate one over the other.  I honestly find Zero-G’s marketing of Sonika quite compelling, which is why I keep writing about it.  It’s actually really cool that the company is investing so much time and energy in making this character come to life, something that no one else has done.  I alluded to this in the deleted article (take my word for it), but I would absolutely love to do something like an interview with Sonika for the Vocaloidism blog, even though I now have no chance.

Another thing you might want to know about me (and this could very well be the core problem) is that when I started writing for Vocaloidism, I went in with a blogger mindset, not a reporter mindset.  Anyone can relay the news–we certainly aren’t the only Vocaloid blog or forum or wiki out there–but the reason this site is different than any other site (and any other site is different from similar sites)  is the collection of personalities involved.  I wanted to imprint my personal style and tone to my works, just like anyone else who writes.  It just so happens that mine tends to be very pronounced and in this instance, it went too far and got me into trouble.

Possible solutions

Well, here’s the obvious one, and the one I’d like to pursue: everyone moves forward and I try to tread more lightly.  The other obvious option is that I get let go at year’s end.  I’d be disappointed, but I’m okay with that.  DT, Kevin, Krystal, and everyone else have been handling the fallout to this to the best of their abilities, and I appreciate that.  They certainly didn’t have to do that, and they certainly don’t have to put up with me further if they don’t want to.  If they decide this was a fireable offense, then that’s what it is and I have to live with it.

There’s also sort of a 3rd option that has seemed to have a bit of a foothold, and that’s to mute subjectivity.  Well, that means I go (for obvious reasons), and WVR goes, since that’s a review column (and all reviews are subjective).  To a further extent, reporting is a subjective process – editors choose what events are or aren’t reported, and to what extent they’re reported.  Granted, some bits seem obvious to cover, but some are more nebulous.  So what would Vocaloidism cover?  The only choices would be everything, which I think would be totally unwieldy and would water down the site, or nothing.

Pardon me while I get off my soapbox.  I guess what I wanted to say that the issues I created are the issues I created.  As mentioned elsewhere, my work is primarily independent from the other editors, so I feel that you don’t need to hassle them or the forum moderators anymore.  If you want to discuss, I’d like for you discuss it with me in private.  There’s the PM messaging system in the forum and an e-mail of joe[hyphen]mello[at sign]comcast[period]net.  Public discussion shouldn’t be necessary and there’s no need to spread flames to other places.

So again, I apologize for my abject stupidity, and I’ll try not to screw up again.  If you still have problems, talk to me.  If not, then let’s move on. Please.

– – – – –

DK says:

Oh, no-no-no, we’re not letting you get off that easily. You’ll still be allowed to make articles, but stay away from anything that can rub on the Engloid community the wrong way.

Also, I have ABSOLUTELY no intention of stopping my WVR review articles. That is my pet project and no amount of criticism (from VO or anyone else) can convince me otherwise. Besides, I’ll be careful not to say anything out-of-bounds in any of my articles from now on.

DT’s words on this:

Yes, you are not going to leave as far as we are concerned. I will be discussing more with Kevin and DK on the new rules about posting articles on the blog to act as a safeguard that such an incident will not happen a second time. Everyone, hopefully with the apologies from all of us we can finally get this matter to rest.

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4 thoughts on “About the article that’s no longer here”

  1. I think it was a little too blown out of proportion and that majority of Vocaloid fans will never know about the rage that happened on VO, but thanks ^^

    Now back to awesome news pl0x

  2. JM, please stop going on VO and making an allusion to the situation whenever you can, relevant or not. It's starting to get a bit grinding, especially since people stopped caring as soon as the apology was posted.

    I don't see how it was blown out of proportion on VocaloidOtaku. One thread on VO had about six or so people mocking Vocaloidism for your post. A lot of the posts on the topic were just discussion on the immaturity and unprofessional air of it, with a few 'I don't get it' mentions. The rest were 'I don't really like Vocaloidism' posts spread across the entire forum.
    There's already been a dislike of Vocaloidism because you are kind of incapable of writing about something without making some kind of passive-aggressive jab while appearing to be quite proud of yourself for doing so.
    People didn't really mind the lack of English Vocaloid posts, but when most of the Engloid posts were sarcastic and bitter, it obviously spurned a negative reaction.
    And then you were the only one who DIDN'T apologize, until now.

    It would be quite fine if you would report news and make a paragraph at the end on your opinion. Really.

    1. I really shouldn’t approve this comment, but since I had no idea that JM’s been going to VO and pouring salt on an old wound…

      @ JM: What the hell, dude!? I thought I already said stop doing things that might rub Engloid fans the wrong way…?

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