Weekend Spotlight: Miku’s Christmas Carol

イヴの夜 by Mitsuki

Christmas has come and gone all across the world.  I hope you all got you wanted.  Looks like those two did.  :3  Anyway, as Kwanzaa gets into full swing and 2010 heads around the bend lets look at some of the songs of the season.

One thing synonymous with Christmas (at least in the US) is Christmas pageants.  And there’s no better way to capture the pageantry and Christmasness of these shows better than with MMD.

Now wasn’t that the cutest thing? That electric guitar part really got me into the Christmas spirit. xD

For something a little more conventional, here’s a traditional Christmas medley.

Is it just my non-practicing Catholic brain or does “Amazing Grace” seem a little out-of-place when celebrating the day of someone’s birth?

Finally, we can’t have Christmas without carolers.  Or family dysfunction.

Ahhhhhh. ‘Tis the season. :3

But that’s all in the past.  Looking ahead to next week’s VocaRan–the last of 2009–here’s a song that caught my eye.

It has everything you need to survive: peaceful feel, and a warm kotatsu.  The 200,000 WVR points is merely a bonus.

So that’s all for this week in the spotlight.  Next week: likely a hangover.

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