Happy 2nd Birthday Kagamine Rin and Len!

Image source: 杉浦朔也@生放送始め…てます。

Yes, it’s been two years since Rin and Len were officially released back in 2007. By now I am sure there would be more good Kagamine songs on your minds ever since Rin and Len celebrated their first birthday a year ago. This date holds great importance to me as I first became a Vocaloid fan at around this time getting to know about Miku, Rin and Len. Anyway just hop right in for more images and songs about the Kagamines!

Firstly, a Happy 2nd Birthday to Kagamine Rin and Len and hopefully there will be more good songs ahead for them and all the Vocaloids as well. And here are some of the memorable songs from the Kagamines as below.

Migikata no Chou, Rin’s and Len’s version, both by NoriP. These two songs are some of the most memorable Kagamine songs for 2009 and they even rank in side-by-side (14th and 15th) in the latest Vocaloid Special ranking.

A song full of Kagamine goodness from DixieFlatline with its cutesy and upbeat music.

Created by OwataP, Paradichlorobenzene is without doubt one of the best Len songs for the year, especially when the Weekly Vocaloid Rankings are concerned.

Pretty Fundoshi☆AkumaLen was created in continuation of the song “Pretty Panty☆AkumaRin” as a collaboration between uniMemoP and BucchigiriP. It’s pretty enjoyable, but it’s best that you watch the first one beforehand if you haven’t done it already.

Noroi no Megane (or “Cursed Glasses – Stray Girl In Her Lenses”) by BucchigiriP with the story about Rin being stuck with a mysterious guy in this weird world and can’t take off her cursed glasses (that distorts her vision).

Made by Ginsaku, this is the first independent production song from him which was quite a big hit when it was out initially.

The Synchronicity series by HitoShizukuP. Many viewers became interested in this after noticing the Vocaloid characters in RPG-like style in the videos. Also, a second part of the online novel was uploaded not long ago as well.

And in celebration of Rin and Len’s birthday a special 4-part Kagamine Song Ranking for the year 2009 has been uploaded and you can watch the videos below.

Next off, images from various artists on Pixiv especially for Rin and Len’s birthday. Enjoy!

Image source: 雨水
Image source: sayori
Image source: さく
Image source: むっくん
Image source: 座敷ウサギ
Image source: 紅雪
Image source: 鈴碁@復帰
Image source: 央

Also, SEGA has announced that Rin and Len’s guest appearance at Miku’s Thanksgiving concert have been confirmed, this concert will take place on March 9th 2010 and the date is decided on March 9th as 3/9 can be pronounced as Miku and it also means “Thank You” in English when you pronounce “39” in Japanese.

And last but not least, Happy Birthday to Kagamine Rin and Len once again! ^__^

DK says:

I, for one, don’t really celebrate any of the Vocaloids’ birthdays… but it’s still nice to know that there are fans who are willing to for all of them. The Vocaloid fanbase is a very wide and open community and Miku is NOT in the center of it.

Which reminds me, I really hope red2 publishes that UTAU article soon… I don’t wanna see their community bare their fangs at us for the lack of UTAU news.

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