Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #117 – “Christmas Edition”

(Miku, Gumi, Miki, Luka, and Rin-santas)
(Image Source: ピロ水@二日目ニ-25a)

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Hmm… T’is the season to be jolly, yes? But something seems to be a bit… off.

Overall, it’s a pretty unpredictable week for the rankings. I have no idea if Luka’s newest song: “Tower” will be allowed into the charts since it’s being retailed into -Pallete2-, a DVD of well-done PVs of different Vocaloid songs.

Oh well, we might as well wait and find out…

…Actually, if my understanding of how the WVR works is correct, it won’t be allowed in the ranking anyway because it’s just a PV version of an already-released song (since “Tower” was released months ago).


-Editors: Crimson = DK, DarkGreen = DT, DarkBlue = JM, Violet = dez, Orange = red2
-Song Stats: Rank Up, Rank Down, Unmoved, Previously Unranked, NEW

Good evening! Let’s get the final weekly Vocaloid ranking for this year underway! Also, Rin-chan, Len-kyun, happy birthday you two!! Please continue to use your cute and powerful singing voices from here on out!

Also, the year is finally at an end… I’m sure everyone will be busy with things like events and a lot of cleaning… After just three more days, let’s happily welcome the new year!

Anyway, here are the top thirty songs in the ranking. There’s… a lot of revival songs…?! Well, I guess this is what you wanted…

Well, this was the last weekly Vocaloid ranking of 2009… After next week’s songs (2009/12/28~2010/1/4) have been totaled, we have plans for a major changes.

According to uploaders, the totaling system needs work too. I wonder what’s in store for next year…


… Mmm… nothing like a nice warm kotatsu at the end of the hardest work day of the year….

Well, guess I have to do my part. I’m still searching for the reason why Bakuhatsushiyo jumped back up with all those comments (five digits… good god…). It’s the first one that I’ve had to pull OUT of retirement. Not only that, but I didn’t have to retire any today. Looks like the countdown stabilized a week early. But let’s look through the numbers.

It was a relatively slow week, probably because of most users spending more time celebrating the holiday than surfing the net. Fate:Rebirth and Celebrate only lost 1k each, and gained some of the ground they lost in the holiday rush. However Romantic Night, Synchronocity, Blindness, and Yandere Luka took pitfalls in exchange. CLW is slating to have a stable run on the countdown, the Mylist and View points nearly equaling out.

Transfer Robot Miku kept a lot of its points, so there might be quite a few more countdowns for it in the future. As I said above, Koibito no Range had lost points but gained spots, but I’m afraid it might be all downhill from here. The other two on the top spots this week will slip down a few spots, especially if it’s a high scoring week ahead, as it tends to be after a weak week like this one.

Once the new ratings system is released, I’ll give my analysis in a separate blog. I hope to see a lot of improvements in the scale from now on. Now back to my kotats… TARI! Get out from under my kotatsu! I said you could warm your feet! Just the feet!

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