Start the year right by giving V-ism YOUR SOUL!

Vocaloid Year of the Cat 2010
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Okay… maybe not your soul, but seriously speaking, V-ism is still in need of help in building its knowledge base. After all, we can’t call ourselves “The Center of the English Vocaloid Community” if all we do is blog about Japanese Vocaloids. In other words, we would like to invite anyone and everyone from the English Vocaloids’ and UTAUs’ fanbase to contribute what knowledge they have to the Vocaloidism Blog and Wiki.

…I know the secret to failure is trying to please everybody, but allow me to be generous for now…

What we need for the V-ism Blog:

  • English Vocaloid bloggers – While it is nice to see some people starting to take initiative in this, the truth is Miyapoid and DT can’t handle this alone. We still need those people who are at the very heart of the fanbase, dedicated to serving Engloid news without biases.
  • UTAU bloggers – Same point as the above, and I just wanted to preempt this so future arguments with UTAU fans can be avoided completely.
  • Editors – If you’re really up to it, you can also apply for an editor position here in V-ism. We really aren’t strict with the requirements: all you need is to be a truly-dedicated Vocaloid fan (who stays fairly updated to the Vocaloid news and information around and is fine with using the WordPress system).

What we need for the V-ism Forum:

  • Theme Designers – Krystal promised us that we would get Vocaloid-themed forum designs, but since she hasn’t started on that, I guess she needs some help.

What we need for the V-ism Wiki:

  • Contributors – At its current state, the V-ism Wiki is quite bare. We need more people to contribute any relevant Vocaloid information and make it the “go-to” wiki for all Vocaloid needs.
  • Moderators – This goes without saying… The more contributors we get, the more moderators we’re gonna need in other to sort out the valuable information from the rubbish. Though we don’t value notability as much as, say, Wikipedia, we’d still like the V-ism Wiki to come off with an air of credibility while retaining an entertaining atmosphere (like TV Tropes).
  • Web Designers – Seriously, looking at 3rd party Wikis that still have awesome themed designs (like hrwiki) makes me green with envy. Getting our own logo is a start, but that just ain’t gonna cut it. Being informative is good, but getting a look at sets us apart from the other Vocaloid-themed wikis would be better.

For all interested parties, please register in any of the V-ism Network sections (Blog, Forum, Wiki). For Web/Theme Designers, you can post your works in the forum if you want your stuff to be commissioned by Kevin and the rest of the staff.

Again, V-ism would greatly appreciate any help it can get, no matter how small. After all, a little goes a very long way.

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