Weekend Spotlight – The Hangover

Artist: Takitate (via e-shuushuu)

Quick show of hands: how many of you spent most of January 1 sleeping?  Yeah, thought so.  You aren’t alone.  While a lot of you probably can remember what you did the last day of last “decade”, some of you may not.  While you try to remember what you did overnight, I’ll be spending this segment recalling some of the Vocaloid fun of 2009.

If you’re wondering, yes, this is a thinly-veiled excuse to do a Best of 2009 article in 2010.

We start our look back at 2009 with a look back at 2008, sort of.  Now, I’m really cheating :3

Later on, we had Luka, and from her we have some interesting songs there.  Included: just being friends, wingspans, Google Romance Search, and this.

Then came the Summer of Green, with Gumi and Sonika both releasing within a month of each other.  For obvious reasons, the duets flowed like the spice.

Finally, there was fall and winter, and outside of all the new voices, singing or otherwise (which you knew about), nothing else of note happened.  Except maybe…

And that’s 2009 in a nutshell.  Well, one last bit of old business: Luka’s “Tower” hit #44 on the charts last week.  In case you were wondering, this is why.

Looking ahead to the first ranking of the new year, it’s going to be another tough week for newcomers.  Only 7 new songs made last week’s Top 30, the 2nd fewest ever. (#110 had all of 6).   However, the Kagamine cover of “Ura Omotte Lovers” has gained steam, breaking 100k pts, and there’s also this.

Nothing like some Nightmare Fuel to start the new year.  Uploaded on the Eve, “Marionet Syndrome” [sic] scored 60k in its first 2 days and will probably inspire a bunch of fanart and cosplay pics (he says, like none of the other songs inspire those).

DK says:

Funny story… I HAVEN’T been getting much sleep during these past couple of weeks. I went from party to party to party to party… you get my point. Now my entire body’s killing me… and y’know what? I’m still not done! Tonight I’ll be in yet another party, and I think I’m on the verge of collapse here.

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