MMD Update – December/January 2009

Sung from the heart, pain from the ears

For the first time after a long while, MikuMikuDance did not see an upgrade this month, meaning it stayed at Version 6.08.  However that doesn’t mean that nothing happened.  There were plenty of news and notes and holiday festivities.

Christmas time had MMD Dance Motion Climax.  Think MMD Cup fused with So You Think You Can Dance? Mikudan has two entries all about it, and all the videos can be viewed here.

For New Year’s, not everyone wanted to watch the ‘tube, so instead, there was a live event on Nico Nico Douga. Toshiresure Nippon no MMD featured fun from the past year and new stuffs over 5 days (Originally 4 days, but the Wiki stated something on Jan 3rd).  A play-by-play can be found here, but no archived footage because it was all live >:

The fun doesn’t stop with the holidays. MMD Cup 4 has been officially announced, but you don’t have to take my word for it.

The first round of submissions start January 22nd.  Your choices of theme are “Kinenbi,” (annual holiday) “Sekai,” (the world) and “M”.  The wiki says you are free to interpret those in any way you choose, but I have a feeling I know how that last category will work, which is a shame. I hope someone gets creative and does something like this, but in MMD and for the letter “M”.

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