Welcome to Utahime!

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Hi everyone! Kevin here. If you are reading this message right now, then it means we are now successfully on the new server that we talked about several months ago. The blog was down for a short period of time somewhere during the start of the New Year but now it’s back up again better and faster than before. For those of you interested you may want to view this thread in the forums for more details on the move. Read on for some more details. =3

So, welcome to Utahime! That’s our server name. Right now, Vocaloidism, Vocaforum and Vocawiki are running on Utahime. So, not only were you able to get faster speeds while browsing Vocaloidism thanks to the nginx web server, all problems faced in the old host, such as sudden downtimes, are no longer here. As we’ve just completed the move recently, please tell us if you’ve found an issue about the site, such as the 404 error we had recently. =x

Also, if you find that you are not able to post comments regarding the blog entries or you noticed that your posted comments were missing from the articles that’s because the current commenting system on the blog is down. We have taken notice of that and would like everyone to kindly bear with us for the short time being as we are still trying to sort out the issue with IntenseDebate and Disqus. We are trying to decide which commenting service we’re going to use, and if you have any suggestions, please tell us right away. Currently, I’m trying to make Disqus work. Right now, you might see that all comments are the same on all posts, and all those comments refer to one of our old articles. Don’t worry though, we’ll fix this and all comments are still preserved in our database. We will keep everyone informed regarding the status of the commenting system and once again, your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated. =)

The comment system now works! I don’t know why, but just now, at 4 AM my local time, I just can’t sleep and had the urge to patrol around the blog server for file permission errors and such. And I somehow discovered the root of why no one can comment in here. It’s thanks to a single PHP file. Yes, a single file have managed to break the comment system. Anyways, I fixed the file and as expected, the comments work now! And since I kind of liked IntenseDebate I left it installed. We now have zero major issues, just a few things to clean up and optimizations, including blog redesign and more tutorial articles! You might have noticed that the site’s also a bit faster and cleaner, since I’ve just re-installed the blog from scratch (don’t worry, no data were lost, everything was preserved) and both the blog and the theme have just been updated. =)

In the year 2010, Vocaloidism will continue to change into a better Vocaloid Fansite for everyone, and to do so, we’ve prepared a list of things we’re going to do this year. The things that are on top of our to-do list is of course server management, maintenance and optimization, blog redesign, more tutorial articles, and of course, writing more articles. We also need some more banner arts on top. This year I would finish my high school, so after that I would have a lot of time to manage the site and write more. Thank you so much for visiting today and if there’s anything we can do for your Vocaloid needs feel free to ask right away. =D

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