Weekend Spotlight – magnet ton

MAGNET - KuroFai
2 Tsubasa characters adopt the famous pose (artist: kaoru-chan)

It goes without saying, but the fandom likes “magnet.”  Not enough to make it Song of the Year, but it at least was an uncontested 2nd.  With popular songs like this, covers, parodies, and all sorts of things come out of the woodwork as a show of support.  Here’s a short list of the high low lights?

(Note: I covered the one silly Utatte Mita last week, so at least I won’t repeat myself.)

Here’s the control, by the way.  It’s gone through pretty much every standard pairing, like the Kagamines and Gakupo/Kaito but what about Gackupo x Rin?

Or Kaito x Len?

Kaito x Leon?!

Lola and Leon is a bit more conventional.

Now for the Utatte Mita portion of our program. It’s a little creepy, but at least we know these guys.

And finally, Shoujo Sect gives us some moving pictures.

If you haven’t been repelled by “magnet” yet, then GJ! (>_<)b  Moving on to something unrelated, HAKU!

As I type this sentence, it’s about 3PM on the 8th of January.  That means it’s been about 56 hours since it was uploaded.  It’s score: 211,519.  I think AkuNoP’s found a winner.

Next week will hopefully not involve me writing. :3

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10 thoughts on “Weekend Spotlight – magnet ton”

  1. I'm gonna say this right now.

    I like Magnet, but asdsdf. It's not for conventional couples. D: Really guys! No one will throw a shitfit and it's not taboo if Gakupo and Luka get together!

  2. Well, let's test the comment system, shall we?

    Ah, magnet. You are way too popular with the fanbase. Although considering the song itself is good fuel for yuri lovers, genderbent versions are good fuel for yaoi lovers, and mixed gender versions are good fuel for lovers in general, it all makes sense.

    It's also a nice way to show off different vocal styles. too http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm7145886

    And comedy teams can play the yaoi up for laughs. http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm8440787

    But yeah. This all leads to this song being the most sung song on NND during 2009, beating out R+C by exactly 9 videos and taking the top two slots in the yearly UtaRan special. XD

    Speaking of which, this was Rank 1 this year. Anyone wanna guess on genders? XD http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm7265930

    1. I’m betting on them being both female, since the only male NND singer who can do the perfect female voice is Hyadain.

      1. ひと里&che:櫻井… same person… I'm still trying to figure out of it's a guy or a girl… this one is a tough call because he/she doesn't post many songs.

  3. Leon and Lola's magnet is not suppose to be viewed as conventional. A lot of fans both Western and Japanese view the 2 as brother and sister, thus their magnet is viewed as incest.

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