New Append For Kagamine Len!

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Crypton has tweeted from their Vocaloid2 CV account that a test version of “Kagamine Len Soft Append” has been uploaded onto Crypton’s blog. Additionally, Hatsune MikuMiku blog has revealed that a sample of Len’s “Whispering Voice Recording” using Asami Shimoda’s raw voice has also been uploaded. To listen to the voice samples just continue reading after the break~

Here’s the link to Len’s “Whispering Voice Recording” sample. For Len’s soft Append, you can listen to it here. According to Crypton it’s still a work-in-progress so we can expect more changes and modifications to it in the future.

And now that Kagamine Len’s new Append has been announced, maybe it will be Rin’s turn next?

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22 thoughts on “New Append For Kagamine Len!”

  1. This is what Len’s needed – a soft append. His normal voice is slightly harsh…
    But then we’ll get Len Lullabies…

    Rin doesn’t need one; her act.1 is sufficient. I’m sure both twins could use a dark, though.

  2. Wah~

    The new append really takes the robotic edge off Len's voice, for which I'm glad. Hmm…wonder how he will sound like with the dark append… Haha, I'll be looking forward to it.

  3. Finally!! Len 4ever! *Ooo*
    i've been waiting foward to this /õ/
    i'm sure dark append will rock too! *–*

  4. Well, this should be rather epic :’D Can’t wait for news of other Append versions too – I would love to see Rin and Luka Appends! Heck, Appends for the old Vocaloid engine would be awesome too, even though it’s probably not going to happen any time soon ;w;

  5. I really do think it's an improvement from his old harsh voice, but for some reason his voice reminds me of ciel from Kuroshitsuji. XD

  6. they are also releasing luka append in the summer of 2012 rin append was siad to be released the same date as len

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