Triple Birthday! Prima, Lola, and Leon

artist: tsutomu-teruko

♪♪ BIRTHDAY BIRTHDAY BIRTHDAY nani ga koko made anata wo ugo. . . oh hi. I have it on good authority (read: the calendar) that three English Vocaloids celebrate birthdays this week. Usually, we celebrate with pictures and songs and at least one of the editors gets stupid drunk. Well, tonight’s a school night, so that last bit won’t happen but we celebrate with all the other bells and whistles below.

We’ll start with the young’un of the group. Prima got released on the 14th of January 2008. She’s unique in that she has the voice of a classically trained singer, opening up a whole new world of possibilities.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped users from doing more contemporary songs.

Random aside: do you think Prima sings Nightwish in the shower? I do. :3

For our other guests of honor, we have to go wayyyyyyy back to 2004. In the shadow of the Consumer Electronics Show where Blu-Ray was getting fully introduced to the world, over in Anaheim, California, there was this NAMM Show where the rest of humanity witnessed the debut of Leon and Lola, the very first two Vocaloids.

They both ended up winning the 2005 “Most Innovative Product” Award from Electronic Musician, and while they (and Prima) have kinda been lost in the shuffle in recent years, they still have had plenty of success to hang their hats on.

We here at Vocaloidism hope that Prima, Lola, Leon, and all their fans the best and wish nothing but the best in the coming year.

artist: mameshiba

artist: tsutomu-teruko
artist: ageha1sBf
artist: tsutomu-teruko

Now who brought cake? :3

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One thought on “Triple Birthday! Prima, Lola, and Leon”

  1. It is interesting that Prima manages to sound moe in the Japanese video. =u= Must've taken some crazy fiddling.

    Anyway whoo happy bday, you v1 Engloids, you ~
    And pfft, school night? Drunkenness should take precedence over all!

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