Weekend Spotlight – Pull up the covers

"Ohiru ne" by choco

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere that’s somewhere above the Tropic of Cancer, then chances are you’ve experienced some cold weather recently.  After all, it is winter.  It gets so cold that you may just want to snuggle under your bed covers and stay warm. I know I don’t go anywhere in my apartment without a comforter.

So today, we find some nice warm covers, albeit musical ones.

We begin with Luka answering an SOS in a somewhat unconventional style.

While I love the Haruhi version, it’s still quite catchy in its own little way.  To compensate for the lack of rocking out, here is Big Al kicking off one of his newest projects.

The monotone part is done surprisingly well.   Ellegarden would be pleased.  Next up is Kaito with a former Top 5 hit.  At least on the VocaRan, anyway.

If the film taught me anything, it’s that Megumi Hayashibara is even more awesome now than she was 15-20 years ago when she was the voice for everyone.  Speaking of top hits, here’s Leon’s rendition of a 1972 hit that is still the highest-selling single by a foreigner on the Oricon charts. (So says wikipedia)

I still don’t know why the oldies stations don’t play this song more often.  This and ELO.  Anyway, we wrap up with everyone’s favorite viral cover, “Bad Apple”.  Gumi did a cover and so did our favorite a cappella group oredan.  However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing.

It makes me smile, at least. Moving on to the Vocaran Watch, it’s by only sheer coincidence that the song chosen for this week is called “Imitation.”

It’s been out since Tuesday, and the charts indicate the song may have peaked, but “Imitation” has 120,000 points despite having a B-mod of about 18.  It’s good for a Top 10, easy.

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