Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #120 – Now in a new time-slot!

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…Which I can’t really follow now, since that would mean that I have to stay awake in the wee hours of the morning (guess what timezone I’m in…). Same here, but I will try to do it while I still can. IN AMERICA!

So, if I could just kindly ask the other editors to keep up-to-date with the WVRs… As for my part of the equation, I can start commenting on individual songs on the chart again. For now, feel free to browse through the links above to have an idea what songs are going to make the cut this week!

Just in case you were out of the loop last week or have a severe case of amnesia, we now have a MyList modifer. It’s easy to explain in words, but I’d rather show you in numbers. :3

Let’s say a video has 20,000 Views, 4,000 Comments, and 1,000 MyLists.
-Modifier A is (Views+MyL)/(View+Com+MyLi), or 21,000/25,000=0.84
-Modifier B is (MyL/View*100)*2, or (4,000/20,000)*200=10.00 (40 is the maximum)
-Sum is 20,000+4,000(0.84)+1,000(10.0)=33,360

Simple numbers, no rounding error, and easy to understand. Okay, carry on.


-Editors: Crimson = DK, DarkGreen = DT, DarkBlue = JM, Violet = dez, Orange = red2
-Song Stats: Rank Up, Rank Down, Unmoved, Previously Unranked, NEW

Hello everyone; it’s time for the VocaRan again. Last week had a lot going on with exams… I’m sure you all worked hard.

However… the tests continue. For those who aren’t studying for exams, too… whether it’s in school or in work, even if you mess up, please give it your all until the very end!

With that having been said, relax and enjoy the ranking.

Now, about that festival…

When the 61st Sapporo Snow Festival opens on February 5th (Friday), they’ll have a snow sculpture of Miku-san! It’s the realization of a collaboration!

The festival will last from February 5th (Friday) until February 11th (Thursday). So short… Make sure you go and check it out!


All right. Back in the saddle, so here we go. This week marked the first actual shift using the new multiplier system. If there’s one thing I’ve noticed, the listings below the countdown 30-100 slide off slower than before. Fate:Rebirth held its position at 97, CLW slid back in the 10s, as did Synchronocity. Magical Kitty and Transfer Robot Miku took a dive off the tracker, but that was pretty much expected.

With some songs losing points and still gaining positions, I can pretty much say that this was a low scoring week, and none of the top three scored an impressive amount. When Rin’s “I Can’t Fly” dove from 3 to 43, it gives a good idea of how brutal the new countdown can get. Even Unfragment got shot down to 45. Fate:Rebirth and Kimi no Taion are slated on my list of stop-tracks for next week, however I think one more might join them.

For my closing remarks, I realize that NND has the whole ratings thing where only one video can be considered per-song, the newly animated Hello Planet PV should really get a major nod. Not only did it bring up the original video from 47th to 10th place, but in scoring alone it would have blown out nearly every record if it were considered for the rankings. At the time I wrote this, it had 188,000 views and 19,000 mylists. Working out the totals with the multipliers (yes I did it myself, I’m a geek, ha ha) it would have scored nearly 600,000 points, an obvious record. So shout out to that one. See you all next week.

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19 thoughts on “Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #120 – Now in a new time-slot!”

  1. Wow. Getting anywhere near a x40 multiplier seems like a ticket to the top 30.

    Amusingly, even the commenters are getting sick of magnet. A lot of the comments were either "so strong" or "okay, enough." Strangely, there's no such hate for R+C or double lariat, even though they're at least a month older, XD

    Aww.. I was hoping 空想パレット would have a better run…

    And lulz at rank 171. A negative point total? Did someone screw up there?

    1. Well, actually…. if there's more people removing the video from their MyList than those adding it, it will end up negative…
      At least, I assume.

        1. The modifier wasn't negative, but the base mylist points were. Either way, it makes no sense. I'm positive there are songs that are have a lower positive score then rank 170.

          1. Well, yeah, the MATH makes sense.

            What I'm saying doesn't make sense is that this assumes there are only 170 songs with a positive score.

          2. It doesn’t and it never has. All these songs meet the entry requirements of either Top 1,000 videos overall or Top 100 category-specific and aren’t copy/pastes or explicit. This is more or less explained in the description box for each video

    2. to get a 40x is essentially an impossibility. 1/5th of all views would have to be Mylisted, and since Mylists are finite, the cap will never be reached. If anything the cap should be reduced to 30 or 20 realistically.

      1. I agree that it'll probably never be reached, but that doesn't mean they can't get really close when they first show up. Rank 11 pulled a 39.02 multiplier, Rank 8 got 38.76, and rank 7 got 37.30. I don't think any other song got close to that this week, and these are songs that had about 1/4th of the views of the songs around them.

        But yeah, I agree the cap should probably be lowered. The 40 cap struck me as some weird compromise between Pre and Post-Meltdown multipliers, but it just seems too high.

      2. A x30 cap seems reasonable to me. But x40 is working fairly well as it is right now, in terms of aiding new songs to the Top 30 ranking. Previously, a song would need to have at least 10,000 views or so and 1,000 MyLists (30,000 total points plus comments) to have a chance at the ranking. Now, a video can have less and still make it: this benefits songs with only a few days on the week's ranking but that have a good amount of early support. This is as much due to the fact that such songs will have a MyList weight of at least x20 as the fact that the older songs will have MyList weights closer to x10.

  2. Shiro no Musume seems to be going strong. Its second week and it’s still in the top 3.

    Ugh, this seems to be Revive the Classics day. Shoushitsu is back, too…

  3. Also, as an addition to my thoughts, Natsu released Vanilla and Ice, the sequel to Fate:Rebirth, so we'll see some more of that. And I think Sonika might show up on the countdown as well. Keep your eyes peeled.

    1. Hate to burst your bubble, but that's not an Eva reference. That's an actual sketch in existence in religious lore. Eva used it, as did this PV. It's a reference, but you didn't take it back far enough.

    1. Well you could, you know, just click on the song's name in the post… But you're right, it's odd that the name should be blank… maybe they're special characters?

      1. Nope, it's blank. I think it's a gimmick, like when 164 released a song under the P-name "anonymous". And it worked for this song, too… or maybe people actually like the song, I dunno.

        Actually, after listening to it, I think it's growing on me too…

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