Weekend Spotlight – Good Morning Coffee

Miku with a cup of coffee.
(Image Source: 吉岡)

Since JM will be a little bit busy with some errands to run just week, I guess I’ll be the first “guest-spotlighter” to take over for him… I always thought that there was a central theme to these articles, until recently I found out that it’s just “post Vocaloid-made or Vocaloid-related songs that caught your attention.” Me being the extremely picky bastard, I had to dig deep to find that I like peppy and upbeat songs – my “Good Morning Coffee”-songs.

I’ll do something a bit different and pick some songs that originally came from YouTube. First off the list is a little ditty from rockleetist, who you should know by now

This next one I’m a little hazy with the details. hrdn is a Japanese singer who uses some of rockleetist’s covers for his own (take this Gemini, for example). However, most of his works on NND have been taken down for some reason, so the only things that remain are in YouTube.

Going back to NND for a bit, remember that “sorta”-classic-because-it-was-sung-by-good-singers Miku song by the name of BPM? Ever felt torn between Ritsuka and Choucho‘s wonderful renditions? How about a mashup to tide you over?

Call me mushy, but I really like Ritsuka’s “soft and sweet” voice together with Choucho’s “lively and upbeat” one (timing and lyric issues be damned).

As for this week’s song to look out for in the upcoming ranking, looks like VanaN’Ice is up to its third song this week, entitled 刹月華:

As of this writing, the song is nearing 70k in views and 8.5k in MyLists, possibly landing it a spot within the Top-10 range. I guess it really pays off to have Len in drag (no offense to all you Len fans out there).

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