Weekly UTAU Ranking #63 – New kids on the block

John, Paul, and... the other one. (image source: pixiv)

Hello everyone! deztora reporting in on the UTAU front for what will hopefully become another regular spot on Vocaloidism: reviewing the Weekly UTAU Ranking. Here we will review the ranking every week, following which songs go up and which ones go down, and keep up with the latest UTAU news during the “This week’s UTAU topic” section.

It is also my pleasure to introduce a fellow UTAU fan who will be working with me in this endeavor: chibikarla! *cue applause*

*curtsies* Thank you! Thank you! >w<

Hey everybody! Nice to see you and nice to be on this blog! I swear, it happened really quickly, but I wanted to be a part-time UTAU blogger by starting to rank the UTAU rankings! I’ve really been a fan of them ever since I got into Vocaloid (the December of the year before last year). I think UTAU has potential to be just as good as Vocaloid, yet still be part of this big, happy community. From all the voicebanks, character designs and personalities, UTAU lured me in rapidly. I’m very happy to be a fan of Vocaloid, UTAU and other voice synthesizers out there. I’m proud to be a part of Vocaloidism and I will try my best to keep up the good work. I might not be an experienced blogger or writer, but I sure am a hardcore UTAU fan. I just love these characters. I would also like to thank deztora, for helping me start up this collaboration, since I was really lost without knowing much of Japanese, HTML codes and much more. I’d also like to thank the staff here for helping me as well, and all my online friends here that I like to talk to about Vocaloid and skip across the meadows with, fangirling all the time. X3

Well, that’s all for the moment. Thank you very much for reading.

Although slightly different, the UTAU ranking works pretty much just like the Vocaloid ranking. With that having been said, let’s begin, shall we?

NAMI’s OPENING STATEMENT: (Nami is very, er, what’s a nice way to say wordy… she’s just like me! 8D Anyway. Due to that, these segments, for your sanity and mine, will be slightly abridged. Hopefully nothing of value is lost.)

Sorry for the wait. It’s time for week’s UTAU ranking!

The number of UTAU voicebanks is growing rapidly. Because of that, searching for the totaling of UTAU voicebanks became more difficult. That’s why we’re considering changing the current search keywords and the like. If we decide to make the changes, we’ll announce it beforehand; thanks for bearing with us.



-Editors: Violet = dez, Teal = karla, Crimson = DK

-Song Stats: Rank Up, Rank Down, Unmoved, Previously Unranked, NEW


Here’s this week’s information corner. To start off with, in February we welcome the birthdays of many voicebanks. On February 5th, 2008, the first video using Defoko was uploaded to Nico Nico Douga. Defoko’s birthday is listed as March 6th, but in this corner we welcome both dates.

This year’s Defoko birthday celebration is planned to be from February 5th through March 6th. Anyone interested in participating should by all means check it out!

Also, February brings the arrivals of sixteen other UTAU on Nico Nico Douga. If any of them are UTAU you like, be sure to celebrate their birthdays~♪

Next is voicebank update news. There’s the beginning of distribution of new voicebanks, and one now has uar support.




Hakuane Kiru

buran and noaru

Gakune Kei

uar support:

JJ. Senshu

For details, see their respective videos.


It was mentioned in a previous “this week’s UTAU topic” that a new version of the UTAU program was released; however, I noticed while checking to see exactly what “uar” meant that there was a problem with the latest version (having to do with the “.uar installation”, whatever that means?). So it was pulled, and the site’s back to only the older versions being available. If you downloaded the new version before it got pulled, be aware of this.

The UTAU ranking has a few more segments that weren’t covered in this post: there’s an “extras” ranking, featuring videos that would have made the top twenty but were barred for whatever reason. There’s also a “new UTAU” section which lists and shows clips of videos from brand new UTAUloids. While these were omitted in this post for various reasons, we might include coverage of these sections at a later time. If you want them included, please comment and say so. ^_^;

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8 thoughts on “Weekly UTAU Ranking #63 – New kids on the block”

  1. It's an interesting concept, but I find it nearly impossible to keep up with the huge amount of UTAUs out there!
    I do honestly try to give them love, but there's just way too many. This is not including the huge number of voicebanks made when people make their own!

    While UTAU does have the potential to have the same quality of Vocaloid, maybe even better, the truth is that UTAU and Vocaloid cannot be put under the same category. This isn't meant to imply that Vocaloid is superior to UTAU – it's just that they're very different programs with a similar concept. I'm interested in seeing how the engine improves, as well as sampling techniques, and I'm looking forward to some very realistic voices coming out of UTAU. But they still need to be considered separate – the VocaRan involves the program Vocaloid while the UTAURan (which is what I'll be affectionately calling it now) involves the program UTAU. Simple as that.

    Oh, and Nami's awesome. She's like me too…It's hard to compare her to Naho, but I prefer Nami's look over the plastic-surgery'd Naho 😀

    I think Teto is to the UTAURan what Miku is to the VocaRan. Teto currently has domination over way too many of these songs…I'd like to see a little more of Mako and Ruko (although like I said I don't know too many UTAU because I keep mixing them up!)…
    Also, I think UTAU the UTAURan needs more love, obviously – if the #1 song manages to remain unmoved, that means there aren't enough people caring about those songs or the Rankings to change up their preferences a bit.

    I'll be looking forward to this, and maybe I can finally figure out all those UTAU ^.^

    1. "Also, I think UTAU the UTAURan needs more love, obviously – if the #1 song manages to remain unmoved, that means there aren't enough people caring about those songs or the Rankings to change up their preferences a bit."

      I have to disagree with you entirely there. The number one remaining unchanged means people just like it that much, just what it normally means. On "changing up preferences": notice that most of the songs in the UtaRan are "NEW". There are no mainstays on the UtaRan. This ranking is actually a more accurate reflection of what people are listening to and what is really popular that week, (probably because the fanbase for UTAU is still relatively small), as opposed to the VocaRan which is half mainstays (whether they're there honestly or not).

      You probably didn't know, but "a day in the loop." was released only a few days before last week's UtaRan, and it became popular very quickly because it was -just that good-. It made number one in a few days because of that popularity. Now it has an entire week to gather more votes, so it's only natural for it to remain number one. Heck, it would have been #13 in the VocaRan, whether you kept the score it had here or if you adjusted it for the new system (since they're only a few hundred points different). And neL is apparently a new producer, so you can't attribute it to producer popularity (which is what I secretly think makes a lot of songs popular nowadays– who produces it, not whether or not it's a good song).

      Sorry, went off on a bit of a tangent there. What was I saying? Oh, yeah. The UtaRan definitely needs more love, but it has nothing to do with #1 remaining unmoved. =)

      But thank you for your comments. We actually put a lot of effort into this, so it's great to know that people are reading. ^_^

      1. maybe Aster meant "those songs" as other songs sung by other UTAU that only stay for a week.
        Yeah i always see that parallel from Miku to Teto.
        I have noticed that in the UTAURan, there are songs that only stay for a week. Maybe there aren't enough fans to support the song for more than 1/2/3 weeks or the UTAURan worked differently. There still need to be more males up there in the Ranking in my opinion though. Heh…..

        1. There also needs to be more male editors commenting in future WUR articles. Notice my name in the notes…? Yeah, I’ll get to that, I promise.

          1. And is there something wrong with being female? O.O I'd offer myself if I could, but, well, I'm female…

          2. Rewind…

            There needs to be more of the senior editors commenting in future WUR articles.

            (since most of the senior V-blog staff are male, I just kinda went for the easy route… my bad.)

            If you’re willing to contribute to the V-ism knowledge pool, then by all means. But since WUR is not my specialty, you also need permission from deztora and/or DT.

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