Weekend Spotlight – They say it’s your birthday

♪♪♪ by こみね

We’re gonna have a good time this week.  Well I will, at least, because by the time you read this, I’ll be well-entrenched in Ohio otaku craziness.  So in honor of Megurine Luka’s retcon, we’ll look back on her first year of Age 20 by counting down her top hits like you (probably) have never seen before!

From the incredibly creative mind of sasakureP comes our #5 song.  From the fertile pen of MieNoHito (forgive me if my translation is wrong) comes the Wanderlust Wanderlast PV.

For #4, hop into your AE86 and rip the knob off the car stereo.  Then, hop on the roof and dance your pants off* like these MMD models did for MMDCup 3.

*-Vocaloidism does not condone the act of literally dancing one’s pants off.  Please dance responsibly.

Our 3rd Luka song happens to be one of the favorites in the Vocaloid community.  Now what would make it different?  Hm….how about a remix of the piano version by Jero Gero?

Narrowly eking out JBF for #2 (I used views to-date; leave me alone) is “RIP=RELEASE”.  And now, a special guest performance by Kaito!

Finally, it would be in poor taste to say that our #1 Luka song spun circles around the competition…but I said it anyway.

Two final notes: If you’re wondering where magnet is, well a) Miku’s there and b) we’ve already covered it ad nauseum.  Second, “Toeto” just missed out, but that’s okay.  We’ll feature this song about a shy girl by using an Utatte Mita chorus, because that makes perfect sense.

No Ranking watch this week, since I’m writing this on a Wednesday.  See you next week.

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