Vocaloids at Ohayocon: Part 1

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As a veteran of anime fandom, conventions are nothing new to me. However, conventions that coincide with important dates are. This year’s Ohayocon fell on Megurine Luka’s birthday, so as a Vocaloidism editor with a camera, I just had to volunteer myself for duty.

After the break is Day 1 in pics.  Two notes, though.  First, I am not an expert photographer.  My weapon of choice is a Polaroid i634 from 2007 I got for $72.  If my pics look bad, that’s why.  Also, if you want me to take down a photo of you, contact me in private, whether through e-mail, or PM through Vocaforum, Vocaloid Otaku or Ohayocon’s boards.

Ohayocon is Ohio’s largest anime convention, with attendees in the thousands, possibly tens of thousands.  I attended the previous year, and there was a decent contingent of Vocaloid cosplayers.  This year, like the con itself, it was going to be even bigger.

Hi Five!

One thing that was evident this year was the love of fan-made Vocaloids.  I didn’t see fan-mades last year, so the influx of them was a bit of a surprise.

If only this were scratch 'n' sniff...wait, ice cream has no smell.

Volume on Friday was relatively low, but slowly gained leading up to the Vocaloid photoshoot that night. It had all the precision of a mob, but the cosplay moms and the KoiSen Kaito (I’m totally not kidding) helped organize things and fun was had by all.

One of these subjects was spinning as I approached. Can you guess who?

I did not cover the dance portion of the shoot, partially because there was no musical accompaniment (though I must admit it was an admirable attempt to sing “Love & Joy” from memory) but mainly because I didn’t have a camcorder >:  However, I did take more than enough pics at the shoot, all of which up on my photobucket with minor edits (for size, red eye, and brightness).

For Part 2, I tackle the rest of the convention and some other stuff.

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