Weekend Spotlight – The World is Watching

The Winter Olympics begin this week. Kaito’s ready; are you?

If you prefer the other global sporting event going on this week, here’s Big Al to tell you who to bet on.

Incidentally, “that number” is currently Colts -2.5 (says ESPN’s inLine). My best guess is Indianapolis by 2 TD’s or more, but I digress. Moving to the rankings front, Ted joins Miku for a Super production.

Now, I’m still not as up on the numbers(or eligibilities) as I am on the Senior Circuit, but 36,000 points seems like a big number.  Speaking of the Senior Circuit, Luka’s already finding success after turning 20 again.

I probably will have better luck understanding a recent episode of Lost, but it’s hard to argue with 130,000 points.

Next week, a holiday I won’t participate in, and I don’t mean that one (for once).

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