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Yep, no witty subtitle for this week. Ah, the wonders of being jaded in the office does to a young post-grad. Not to worry though, as this is just a phase I’m going through right now. We’ll get back to the wackiness of random subtitling once I get all my stuff sorted out.  Besides, the episode number is already quirky enough without me adding an extra “A-B-C” and insulting our dearly departed “King of Pop.”

Also, we’ve been missing red2‘s statistical analysis for a while now. While he has informed me that he’s also busy with life, this was a couple of months ago and now he’s completely MIA from the V-ism blog staff. Hopefully he gets his stuff worked out, too… so for now let’s just enjoy the rankings sans statistics and predictions.

Hey, for the record it’s only been three weeks. And I’ve been here observing, however I haven’t commented or put a final thought in for various reasons that are my own. I apologize to the community who was expecting more from me, and I hope to live up to it a bit more.

It’s time for this week’s VocaRan. The Sapporo Snow Festival is still going on, but… for the present, a big thanks to everyone who participated in WonFes and the Voc@loid M@ster events!

Both events had a lot of people. Somehow I had a cosplay of me… it’s kind of nice. Having said that, the songs that had attention drawn to them because of Vom@s are here, and lots of new songs came up too!

I wonder how things will turn out in the rankings for this eventful week…?

-Editors: Holocauxt, DTKel, Joe Mello, deztora, redemtion2, Tari, GreenSage
-Song Stats: Rank-Up, Rank-Down, Unmoved, Unranked, NEW

“Next One” by Re:nG feat. Hatsune Miku, Hatsune Miku DVD ~impacts~ ands ~memories~ will be released on February 10.

Oh, and Valentine’s Day is next week. This is srs bsns, so don’t forget. 😐


Hoo boy, when we need red2 the most…

Seriously, I get that the video was deleted and re-uploaded. I understand that. But why, if they’re going to count it in the ranking, are they playing the song but not allowing the video?? It doesn’t make any sense.

Aside from that, a depressingly low-scoring week. At least we saw two Yuki songs break into the countdown, both of which definitely deserve it (un chocolat, due chocolat). Now that they’ve all had songs on the countdown, maybe we’ll see more of the AHSloids in the coming weeks? As a huge fan of Kyotel and Miki (and a pretty good fan of Yuki-chan), I think that would be nice. =)

One last note. This week was, aside from being low-scoring, also very… strange. Look at the songs listed. This was the week in history when Luka had songs all over the ranking, as evidenced by the “history”. Last week we had a nice selection of Luka songs for her birthday, but not spectacular. This week, most of those songs are gone– I think the only one left is otetsu-san’s. Maybe it’s just me being naive, but it does strike me as strange. Looking at the rest of the songs in the ranking after the top thirty reinforced my thoughts that the scoring and song selection overall has been kind of erratic lately… I think the new totaling system changed things up even more than we thought. It’s something to keep an eye on, at least.

I’m in total agreement with Dez. Where did Pane Dihira go? 48th place! Rondo of Worlds pitfalled off the countdown completely. However, there has been a recent trend that I am liking and hating at the same time. There’s usually one song that climbs from last week into the ranking for the next week. I love it because it gives a second chance that didn’t exist in the first system, but it makes me go back and find their previous week calculations T_T.

So because of that, I think from now on I’ll pick a Rising Starlet of the Week! This week, I choose OneRoom’s Pierrot. OneRoom has been in the countdown many times before with his unique style and lack of PV illustrations. This one is no different, and missed out this week by 50,000 Points, chump change for a top 10 riser. I would have chosen Child’s Room, but it already got its lift from 8 to 5.

As for next week, don’t expect WEU to come back. I dunno what Hachi was thinking, but he made a gaff and a half taking down that PV. Dye has to be the most epic thing I’ve seen in a long time, and I would love to see it keep or make gains. Considering how “low scoring” it was this week, its a possibility, however we’ve got a mess of Valentine songs ready to eclipse it. Let’s see how that turns out.

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28 thoughts on “Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #123”

  1. I'm so pissed they counted World's End Umbrella even though it was deleted and reuploaded.
    So now Hachi is going to get rank one next week because everyone is re-MyListing his song?
    Does anyone know why it was deleted in the first pace?

    On the less rage scale: I'm not the biggest 40m-P fan, but I really like rank 2.
    and Yuki appeared 2 times on the rankings what is this

    1. There's no reason not to include the original for this week. It was posted within the deadline and everything, so it has every right to be here. Although I did find the "no video" blackout thing to be amusing. It think the note at the beginning said "This video was removed after the ranking period," but I'm not sure…

      The real question is will the re-uploaded video be counted?

      As for ジェンガ, It probably could have beaten Umbrella if it hadn't been uploaded in the last 10 hours of the ranking period. Taking 6/7ths* of this week's metrics and adding them to it's metrics last week, it would have gotten 59970 + 1902 x.97 + 7662 x25.55 = 257,579. Uploading a video that late in the week might let it pull off a really high mylist mod for that week, but it doesn't have the total views and mylists to back it up causing it to damage the mylist modifier for it's first full week. In this case it was only 1.71 lower, but that translates into a difference of over 10,000 points, even with the slightly lower number of mylists I think it might have gotten if it were posted at the beginning of this week.

      This might be what Hachi was thinking about when he re-uped Umbrella, but I doubt it. The original was put up a couple days before the end which (obviously) doesn't hurt it's chances of placing really high. He also tagged the new video with 「もう_何もいらないわ」which translates into something like "I don't need/want it anymore." I have no idea what he's referring to, but I think he might have had some weird experience with his works on the WVR before and doesn't really care about whether or not they qualify anymore.

      The original Umbrella has every right to be there.
      40mP screwed himself over by posting ジェンガ so late
      Hachi may or may not want to/care about placing well on the WVR

      *Yes, I know this is probably not accurate, but I don't really feel like trying to figure out it's exact metrics on it's 7th day… >_>

      1. I see…
        It just seems weird to include it. I can't say the video didn't deserve it but… yeah…

        If they don't count the previous MyLists and views from the old video I don't mind if it's on the rankings.
        Though If they do, I wouldn't feel it's fair.

        Really curious for next week.

        And thanks for taking the time to type all that.

  2. Hurry up and post you comments and translations, guys!
    I'm pretty picky as to what I'm going to download and lots of weeks there's nothing I want to get, but this week there was two- #30 and #3. #21 is pretty catchy too, I might want to download it later.

  3. The weeks are getting slower and slower, aren't they? I'm sort of upset about this, since that means that eventually the VocaRan will grind to a halt. We don't want that to happen, do we?

    Now, here's what I think about the rankings this week:

    30: Whoa. Surreal. Strangely calming I might add, which is rare for me since I don't usually like calm songs.
    29: It amazes me that this was able to stand its ground, but then again this was a slow week.
    28: Ten bucks that this will be off the top thirty next week.
    27: I don't care for this one. Moving on.
    26: This was pretty popular for a few weeks. I thought it had fallen off permanently, but oh well. It's better than some higher songs on here.
    25: Hey! I thought I told you to RISE! Go to your room, mister!
    24: Why does THIS, out of all songs, rise, when there are many much more deserving ones, like, oh, I don't know…
    23: …not this? What's odd is that it got less points than last week yet rose a spot.
    22: Why are all the good songs falling and the bad songs rising?
    21: Okay, I don't know. I just don't know. What is this song and what is it doing here? Not insulting the quality of the song, but it just doesn't seem like it should be as popular as it is.
    20: Yep. This one is going down the drain too.
    19: It's baffling that a song can have a good chunk of its score removed and only drop slightly. Goes to show that NND needs more users…
    18: This went up? I assumed people all realized it was boring by now. Wait, they did – the score dropped. And this went up. *sigh*
    17: Mediocre. Sorry, Gumi fans, this isn't my taste.
    16: Well, that took a drop. I still don't consider it to be a great song, but it certainly didn't deserve that.
    15: Another one of those songs that lost points and went up.
    14: …wow. Just wow. What spiked this song's popularity?
    13: Totally called it.
    12: Better than some of the new songs, but not one of my favorites.
    11: Another average new song. What's with these?
    Pickup: Insert obligatory lazer joke here.
    10: Again, it lost points and went up. This is starting to get a bit tragic.
    9: Ironic that my least favorite of the last top 3 fell the least. Well, it didn't rise, at least…
    8: There is only one thing I ask: WHY? Why did this song spike so high?
    7: Meh. Moving on.
    6: Again, meh. We're in a slump.
    5: No complaints here. This deserves the rise it got. Seriously. It's about the only good new song left in my opinion.
    4: I am unable to enjoy this song because it keeps subconciously reminding me of Yokkora Sex.
    H5: Luka.
    H4: Meltdown.
    H3: Luka.
    H2: Luka.
    H1: Luka. Hey, can you guess what Vocaloid was just released at the time of the ranking?
    3: Wow, this one is really weird. I've already seen this, but it continues to be confusing. I wonder how many people recognized that she was singing in English the first time they heard this? I only figured it out due to a kind commenter on the video who created subtitles.
    2: I like this one better now that I've heard more of it, actually. Although I didn't expect it to rise, it's a nice song.
    1: I refuse to listen to this song. He cheated, he did! I don't support cheaters!
    ED: I'm just letting you know that I don't listen to EDs. All I do at the end is look around for my favorite songs that didn't make it on the top 30. Like 34, for instance. (Don't kill me.)

    If I seem rude in some portions this comment, I'm having an awful day. Most of my favorite songs fell, my least favorites rose, I waited several hours for the ranking video to be edited in after the post was made, and I've had diarrhea and lung problems throughout the day. Not exactly the best day to expect me to be sane.

    1. Hey Shortcake, thanks for posting your thoughts on all 30 songs! I've been kind of sad that most of the v-ism editors have been too busy to comment on the songs, but at least now I have somebody else's thoughts to read 🙂
      I agree with you on a lot of these… it was kind of a 'meh' week this time. Not too impressive. Ah well, they can't all be.

      1. Good thing the WVR suddenly being mediocre coincides with my current work situation, otherwise I would’ve been green with envy at you guys being able to view it (office proxies SUCK!!!).

    2. On #14, how about it was uploaded on the 29th of January? That's at the end of last week's ranking period. That's why. There was no 'spike', just continuing popularity.

      On #1, I ask in complete sincerity: how did he cheat?

      1. 14: I don't usually pay attention to the upload dates. I guess that would explain why I was confused. Thanks for clearing it up.
        1: I was a little upset when I posted my previous comment, sorry. I just got fed up that the original creator re-uploaded his song and they counted it on the ranking. After actually listening to it, I just don't know what's the big deal.

        1. Well I wasn't meaning to be mean or anything, I just honestly want more information about what exactly happened and what the big kerfluffle is about. (Heheh. I like that word. Kerfluffle.)

          Also, I made it a habit to try always to look at the upload date, just in case I see something that says 'up from –' or 'up from 100+', so I wouldn't be confused. Also, to do geeky things like figure out in my head, would it have gotten a higher score if it had been uploaded earlier? Later? What if it'd been uploaded on Wednesday? But that's just the geek in me. ^^;

  4. Yay! More Yuki! And more Gumi too, although I didn't like that song. I suspected WEU would make it, but the video getting the Meltdown treatment was a shock.

  5. 30 – Creeps me out a bit.
    29 – So – close – and – yet – so – far –
    26 – IT'S BACK! Yes!
    25 – Meh, do whatever you want. It's been on long enough.
    24 – Die.
    23 – DIE!!!
    22 – It's back and cute as ever.
    21 – Cute, but more singing please.
    19 – You got your boost with Miki Miki, you can die now.
    18 – Aku-no is still popular…
    17 – Live on, Gumi.
    15 – Die.
    12 – A…A..ADORABLE…
    10 – Die.
    8 – Die.
    7 – I fear to know what this is about.
    5 – Luka where were you when I needed you?
    3 – It's…scattered…
    2 – It's…back…
    1 – It's…impossible to see through the deleted screen…

  6. I can't believe JBF is still on there. Personally, I've never cared for it, and there are certainly songs that deserve to be on there more. But oh well. x.x

    I'd post my comments on all of them, but I don't know many of the songs and Nico's been kind of screwy on my computer as of recently. The videos don't load. It says I need new flash player, if I recall correctly, but I have the most recent one… Oh well.

  7. "Seriously, I get that the video was deleted and re-uploaded. I understand that. But why, if they’re going to count it in the ranking, are they playing the song but not allowing the video?? It doesn’t make any sense."

    I don't think it has anything to do with the video not being allowed. It's the same deal with Meltdown. They play the song and put the "can't show video" sigh over the video itself. It just serves as a blatant sign that the video can't be seen at the sm number provided in the ranking video. As for if it comes back or not, does it really matter? It debuted at Number 1. It can only go down from there. XP

    Also, I don't think it's proper to say this got the "Meltdown treatment." Meltdown was taken down for a specific reason and uploaded on the PV artist's account SPECIFICALLY so that it wouldn't be included in the ranking. I'm almost 100% sure that this isn't the case with WEU. It's also a different situation because it was reuploaded again to Hachi, the original uploader's, account. Has there ever been a case of this happening in the past?

    Hachi's blog just says that this new video is a "retake version," but I think I figured out why he pulled this.

    The QUALITY of the video is HIGHER now.

    When I first watched the original version, i thought that the PV was well animated, but still looked like crap for some reason. I could tell that the PV was animated well, but everything had a blur to it. The opening title cards looked like they'd gotten resized a few times and screwed up in the process, and the characters all seemed blurry or pixelated around the edges.

    Those issues are GONE in the new video. The opening title text with Hachi and… the animator's name is clear and doesn't look like a bad encode hit it in the face with artifacts. The characters outlines are all much better defined. The subtitles are much more legible now. Textures on some backgrounds are actually visible now. I can actually tell that those are cherry blossoms near the end.

    I think Hachi noticed that the quality of the video got screwed up when he first uploaded it. It took him a few days, but he did notice. So he killed that version and reuploaded it without getting it garbled in the process in order to respect the animators hard work. And for that he sure as hell has my respect.

    So yeah. No more accusations of foul play. I'm think with this he just showed that he doesn't care about the rankings. Or at the very least he knows that some things are more important then it.

    1. I'd just like to say one thing: I think what was meant by the "Meltdown treatment" is that a black screen with transparent text was put over the video. Everything else, I totally understand. I still think it was a bit odd to include a song that had no changes made to it except higher video quality, but it's not my choice.

      I understand I wasn't part of this conversation previously, but I shared views similar to A Name.

      1. Ah, okay. Sorry if I can of as a little harsh when I said that. I was a bit irritated when I typed that… I screwed something up and lost every thing I had written… ^_^;;;

    2. Ah, thank you! I rarely go out of my way to watch Miku videos, so I didn't watch that version of World's End Umbrella when it was first uploaded. As a consequence, I knew about absolutely none of that. XD

      It all makes sense now. I praise your deduction skills to no end! Thank you again! m(_ _)m

      1. All I can say about all of this is that, if ever the new WEU is still allowed in the WVR, it’s going to be treated as a “new” entry, in the same vein as remixes are. Thing is, the only thing new about it is the upgraded video, and it will probably claim a top spot in next week’s ranking because of all the people re-adding it to their MyList. That, I think, is what’s a bit unfair to some of the people here.

        1. @deztora: I didn't really used to either, but then I found out that Nico posts the top 100 videos from the previous day for a variety of categories. It's an easy way to check out popular new songs XD

          Also, thank you and you're welcome. I really just wanted to figure out some explanation. The whole scenario was just weird…

          @Holocauxt: Yeah, that IS kind of unfair… It's been first in the Daily rankings everyday since it's been released, except maybe the first. It's also got a score of 400,540 right now with the benefit of a full week to keep growing. It really doesn't matter past this first week though. After the next ranking it's score will probably play out the way it would have if it hadn't been deleted. And it debuted at #1 even though it was posted mid-week anyways. It can only go down from there…ヽ(´ー`)ノ

          And besides, it's not like the Ranking is ABSOLUTE POPULARITY LAW, or anything. Everyone's tastes are different. I, personally, would like to strangle the life out of a few unnamed regulars on the ranking for instance…(∪^ω^)

          1. I agree with the claims of unfairness, but I don't know how to word it without sounding like I've been in this conversation from the start or repeating things.

            Technically, the Ranking is ABSOLUTE POPULARITY LAW. The songs on there are the most popular for the week, and there's no real evidence (besides exploits, which I don't think have happened majorly since the Meltdown incident) you can bring up to contradict that. Of course, there's nothing stopping you from disliking a popular song. Popularity =/= quality. It's simple as that.

          2. Ah, yeah I agree it's absolute in that sense. I meant it more in the sense that the system isn't perfect. I think there were a few cases that were calculated the first week of the new system that showed a few close songs would have come out differently, or that the gap between some songs was much larger or smaller then in then other system. There are probably ways to come up with systems that seem reasonable, but could cause some major shifts in the ranking as well. For example, I download songs that I like and listen to them maybe twice on nico, but a few dozen times on my iPod. The rankings don't/can't account for that type of popularity.

            I also meant it as "Popular songs on the ranking don't have to be popular with you" but I supposed that's a stupid long way of just saying "taste," so yeah… me is stupid… ><

    1. I was going to comment while posting the translations and stuff, but I saw some weird HTML and got scared. You know the blog doesn't like me very much. @_@;;

  8. @Red2: I am not sure about others, but there isn't much songs I could comment on for this week so I thought I would leave it to others who have more thoughts to say than me…

    @Dez: If you are really concerned about the HTML part then just ask anyone of us here and we will gladly help you to add it in. =)

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