Weekly UTAU Ranking #65 – Synthesized voice forces, unite!

Who said Yuki-chan was unloved? (image source: pixiv)

As the gap between Vocaloid and UTAU closes bit by bit, there have been more and more instances of popular songs combining the two groups, such as the more recent 向こう. This week’s ranking should prove that Vocaloid and UTAU can be in harmony, with fantastic results. Curious? Read on to find out what the fuss is about!

Appropriate, too, since Aster will be joining the UTAU commentary team this week. I, for one, can’t help but sense a “Triple Baka” in this dynamic, and I say that in a good way (remember, I love Chibi Miku-san)! *starts whistling Triple Baka while strolling along*

Sorry for the wait! It’s time for this week’s UtaRan.

Last week was the start of the Defoko birthday celebration.♪ It seems like the number of celebratory videos has slowly but surely been growing. Until the anniversary of the release of UTAU on March 6th, people who want to celebrate should definitely participate!

Also, starting this weekend, the final selection phase of the 4th MMD Cup begins. Look forward to all those awesome videos.♪ This month there are a lot of things going on, so keep your eyes peeled!

-Editors: deztora, chibikarla, Aster Selene, Holocauxt, GreenSage
-Song Stats: Rank-Up, Rank-Down, Unmoved, Unranked, NEW

I was afraid of my translation last week because I wasn’t sure if it was accurate or not. When dealing with information like that, it’s good to be as accurate as you can. Well, as evidenced by this week’s UtaRan video, I wasn’t wrong. The information corner is gone, and now we just have the new UTAU section. I promised to do it anyway, but be warned that romanizing names is my major weak point. If you see a glaringly obvious error, as always, please point it out so that I can fix it. Well, let’s get to it!

Here are the new voicebanks. There are five of them, but Ron was in the top ranking, so the clips are of the other four.

Koune Arisu
Keine Ron (number 16)
Shiroga Noi
Kaine Varo
Monone Sashi

First, one note. I had a hypothesis about why there were always new songs on the ranking, so I tested it this week to see if it was true. It was, or rather is, and the hypothesis was that songs are taken off of the ranking for good after two weeks. Look at YFLLM, a day in the loop., and other top songs. This week’s number two’s popularity resulted in a nice boost of views and mylists to Sora’s 追憶, and it would’ve remained in the top 20… but instead is nowhere to be found. Well given the nature of the UtaRan (the number of views and mylists it takes to remain in the top twenty, for example) this is probably the best course of action to take, although it would’ve been nice to see a day in the loop. get V3 (which I think it would’ve). Now I’ll hand it off to chibikarla.

In my humble opinion, I am very pleased with Sora hitting the rankings regularly. I hope this trend stays! I was hoping for more Defoko and for number 23 to make it though…despite all that, i am glad that Vocaloids and UTAUs are still collaborating, TOGETHER. 😀 What else I look forward to is what will be in store for the UTAU Anniversary! It’ll have to be bigger and better that last year! (Man years have gone flying >.>”) And the year has started GREAT with the spur of UTAU originals! Keep up the good work!

On another note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEFOKO! I adore you! I hope you have a fantastic month to enjoy with your fellow mates!

Hehehe. Happy birthday Defoko, and thanks to the Vocaloidism staff for letting me onto the countdown. I hope UTAU songs will get big, and that they can be appreciated well…By the way, that means the American UTAU too (like Kanochi Neko on YouTube)…some of them, while lacking in Japanese pronunciation, can be awesome, and they do get put on Nico too…anyway, that’s just my rant. (And trust me, I’m not just saying that because of my own. ^.^) Looking forward to next week!

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  1. Yeah. We had a chinese themed UTAU which was Yurika Sayu and Sai and that green one callled Midori.
    Huh, weird, no information section?

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