Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #124 – Happy S.A.D.!!!

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Vocaloid NND Weekly Ranking: LINK HERE
Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #123 “Unselected”: LINK HERE

Taking a cue from JM‘s spotlight article, I will now get into a soapbox and decry my current civil status: being single and married (to my job). *rimshot*

Looking back, there used to be a time when these WVR articles were as lively as the UtaRan reviews are now. All part of the cycle of fame I guess (the recent mediocrity/song lull doesn’t help, either)… though the WVR still clocks in at 10-15 reader comments per article for some reason. Maybe the UTAU is still a niche group, but c’mon guys, show the girls you appreciate all the hard work they put into making their reviews.

For now, however, let’s enjoy a nice, slow river ride from WVR.

Hello everyone! It’s time for this week’s VocaRan. How did all of you spend this past Sunday?

Anyway, for this week, other than Valentine’s Day, there’s the influence of the MMD Cup, and so the rankings are pretty shook up.

Well let’s hurry and go watch it!

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The MikuMikuDance event MMD Cup 4 final selection mylist voting is beginning. The voting period is from February 12th (Friday) through February 19th (Friday). Get your voting done early!

Maybe if my job gets finished I can vote too…

(Also, the upload of the UtaRan video has been postponed until tomorrow, so the article will be posted later than usual. We apologize for any inconvenience.) m(_ _)m


We’ve reached a bit of a grey area.  For all intents and purposes, WEU has retained its #1 spot, but technically, it hasn’t.  Considering the turnaround we’re getting nowadays, this is likely to be as close to a repeat as we’re going to get.

That being said, there’s a little bit of dirty pool here.  With the deletion of the old WEU, all the MyLists essentially transferred to the new video, plus it had a full week to get its metrics up.

Another interesting note: in the 6 weeks we’ve had the new system, we’ve had 3 top three repeats.  Hachi, AVTechNO and AkuNoP have all been there twice. Add in 40mP, natsuP appearing once, and we may (emphasis on “may”) have a new problem: brand loyalty.  With MyLists getting greater focus in 2010, well-known producers should fare better than unknowns because they already have a built-in fanbase.  They’re all going to MyList their favorite P’s song regardless of its quality, so that’s going to boost their B-mod, in addition to MyLists and Views. Nearly half of the Top 3’s occupied by “famous” P’s support this theory, but we can only wait and see if this is actually more fact than theory.

I’m sorry to have to be the one to break it to you, but this “brand loyalty” thing has been going on for a lot longer than the new totaling system has been in place– I’d say it’s normal behavior, actually. It’s just natural for someone to want to support a P they like, even if the song itself isn’t that good. I’ve done it myself sometimes. Why do you think wowaka songs always shoot to the top of the rankings, even if– and I say this in complete objectivity, not just because I don’t like his style– they aren’t really that good? The song released right after 裏表 was just a clone of it, but not as catchy. It popped up, lingered for one or two weeks, then dropped off the face of the earth. That’s brand loyalty in action.

It may play a bigger part now because of the mylist modifier, but it’d be hard to prove, since it’s been happening already.

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22 thoughts on “Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #124 – Happy S.A.D.!!!”

  1. Thank you Holocauxt yet again! Really nice of you 😀
    I really hope to see more comments on the ranking from you guys, it's only like 1-3 people…D:

  2. Hnn… WEU is in the ranking mylist… It seems it was allowed…

    *hides in a bunker to weather the approaching rage storm*

    1. *does some maths*

      So WEU beat out Kaito's Errors by almost 300,000 points, thanks in large part to all of it's mylists. *ignores any cries of foul play or cheating*

      I did the math and assuming it's views and comments stayed the same* it should have only needed 7414 mylists to win (yes, this accounts for the lower multiplier)

      So what does everyone think. Could it have pulled that off? Dye held it's 3rd place and pulled over 5000 mylists, so it's not completely unthinkable that WEU could have pulled 7000 in it's second week.

      *I'm not sure if they really would have or not. I don't know if Nico counts a view when someone simply opens the page with the video, or if they have to watch start the video, or if they have to watch a certain length of it. Some help here would probably help any analysis…

  3. Side Note: It would have only needed 3631 mylists with the same number of views and comments to beat dye

  4. I… I really can't find myself raging that WEU was allowed.
    It's feels unfair but…. there's really nothing else I would rather have as number one this week.
    Task & Utsushita improve with each PV they make. WEU's PV is probably in my top Vocaloid PVs.
    As for the song itself, it's better than the original. It has more… oomph. One of Hachi's best now.
    Plus…. I don't expect to see this situation happen a lot.

    1. It's identical actually. Hachi (the uploader) deleted the original for unclear reasons and reuploaded it. Apparently under the rules this counts as a "new" song entry. There's more info and analysis in the #123 comments.

  5. Note: My comments were made before everyone else's, but I wasted a few hours writing them. I had to split the comment for length, but there was an error so I had to refresh. Ergo, some comments will look idiotic since some confusions have been cleared up.

    I do watch the UTAU ranking, and I appreciate the hard work put in by the fans, but I don't comment for three reasons: First, it's very active and it feels a bit unnecessary to do some of my own coverage on it (which I have already begun to do for the VocaRan). Second, I find it a bit hard to follow because there are some segments not covered or even mentioned by the coverage. Third, I just don't find the songs as exciting as the Vocaloid ones. I think there's an inverse relationship of how much coverage done and how many comments there are: since so little is said on the VocaRan posts, fans comment with their own opinions. Since so much is said on the UtaRan, people don't have much to say that isn't already said. It's simple.

    Split for length. What's the character limit, anyway? Whatever it is, it's getting on my nerves.

  6. Anyway, my thoughts:

    30: Gumi sounds nice in this one, but that's all it has going for it, unfortunately.
    29: It only lost 3%, but yet it has a huge drop! I predict that this will be a good week, compared to the previous recent weeks. (Nothing against the song, but just in terms of activity.)
    28: Didn't expect to encounter this one so close to the bottom.
    27: Ouch. I'm getting to dislike the trend where top 3 songs fall hard.
    26: …Okay, so maybe more activity can be a bit of a bad thing. At least it's still here.
    25: I guess this is a mass regular purging?
    24: I have a feeling that people only like this one for the PV.
    23: GO AWAY.
    22: I'm starting to wonder why the only popular Kaito songs can sound something like this.
    21: When I started listening to this song, I started eating pudding. Coincidence? Probably.
    20: This song really seems familiar to me, for some reason.

    Splitting again.

  7. Okay, I'm having some issues submitting my entire review. Suggestion: GET RID OF THIS ASDFING CHARACTER LIMIT. It wasn't there before, and it's really annoying. Especially since I have a long review this time around that will take around 10 comments to post.

    1. I dunno why you’re getting a character limit… Aster seems to be able to post long comments below just fine…

      Anyways, just bear with the system for a while since Kev’s not around ATM to resolve the issue.

  8. 30 – Sweet n' snazzy Gumi song. <3
    29 – Aw, it's not doing as well as Meshitsukai did?
    28 – DIE! Please!
    27 – Whoa, HUGE drop.
    26 – Steadily, steadily…
    25 – Ugh, I'm getting sick of this song now.
    24 – Whoa, interesting premise. Subtitles, anyone?
    23 – Eeehhh…
    22 – Another Let's-Make-Kaito-Sing-High-Again!
    21 – …a…a…adorable…
    20 – I'm curious now.
    19 – I'm confused now.
    18 – Big drop…but eh…
    17 – I didn't really like this song to begin with…
    16 – …and I have to listen to it AGAIN! What happened to fancy transitions in special cases?
    15 – Miku sounds extra peachy.
    14 – An interesting feel to Rin's voice.
    13 – What's with the parodies of this song lately?
    12 – And THERE's our fancy transition.
    11 – I'm keeping the picture…except…Disney…Brain Bleach! For my ears!
    Pick-Up – Forgettable, eh…
    10 – How does this even make the top 100?
    9 – Eh…
    8 – wowaka is back, with a cheerful song this time!
    7 – Luka's voice doesn't fit this song.
    6 – I don't understand Japanese so I don't get it. I bet by the wwww's it's funny though.
    5 – Where's the epicness? I'm disappointed
    4 – What's special about a door?
    History – MELTDOWN! Nuuuu…I miss you. Nebula is overrated, PV is awesome song is bleh. RIP=RELEASE is bleh as well. Only good one was Double Lariat, and I'm sick of that song.
    3 – AGAIN? It's an interesting song, but…2 weeks? And the lyrics are kinda clichéd.
    2 – I laughed. Oh God. It's like Hello Windows.
    1 – And the controversy starts…

    1. "3 – AGAIN? It's an interesting song, but…2 weeks? And the lyrics are kinda clichéd. "

      Easy to say, but I think half of us can't make out the lyrics. I think last week you said something about finding them somewhere. Care to share? <33

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