Weekly UTAU Ranking #66 – A labor of love

The UTAU girls- and Ritsu- wish you a Happy Valentine

Well, even though we had a major event this past weekend, everything seems to be normal here on the UTAU front. Or is it? Well, we’ve got some more good tunes in store, so yeah, it is!

We’re trying something new this week, something that I’d been thinking about doing for the past couple of weeks: we’ll be reviewing the Extra ranking as well. This is the ranking that interrupts the normal ranking right after the pickups. It’s comprised of videos that had enough points to make the top twenty, but for some reason or another were barred from the official ranking. There are some awesome videos in the extras ranking, so this should be exciting!

One thing that joins us all is our love of good music. With that having been said, Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day to all the wonderful producers out there, especially those who normally just work with Vocaloids (read: Miku) and now seem to be branching out into UTAU territory. Why am I saying this? You’ll have to read on to find out. Ufufu. >:]

Sorry for the wait! It’s time for this week’s UtaRan.

The MMD Cup final selection has started as of last week. All of those wonderful videos are now getting a lot of attention.

There are a lot of videos using UTAU and UTAU characters uploaded too. (Even I make an appearance!♪)

The entrant videos are getting higher and higher in points. It’s because of this that we’ve separated the ones using UTAU out and put them in our topic corner. Thank you for understanding.

-Editors: deztora, chibikarla, Aster Selene, Holocauxt
-Song Stats: Rank-Up, Rank-Down, Unmoved, Unranked, NEW


  • #20: 【UTAU9人】 Baby cruising Love【Perfume】 (NEW) – Deserved higher. I like groups too much and the voices were well selected. The fit with how perfume sings it. It was a really good mix of voices, of course I’m also a fan of choruses… It’s cute. Wish I knew what it was about.
  • #19: 【波音リツ/弱音ハク】よっしゃあ漢唄 (大盛)【UTAUカバー】 (NEW) – Sounds hot-blooded of a song! Ritsu’s hair went crazy, that’s for sure. Haku and Ritsu? Interesting…
  • #18: 『relax』UTAU デフォルト・オリジナル (NEW) – Successfully achieved its title! Very chillout. As expected from Miako. Yes, very nice. Soft and relaxing, although I think Momo or Defoko alone would have done better.
  • #17: 【雪歌ユフ】炉心融解 – meltdown -【UTAU】 (NEW) – Meltdown covers still live on. Yufu’s voice sounds a little more defined here. Well at least if people are going to continue making Meltdown covers, they’re good ones… this is a good tuning of Yufu’s voice. Another Roshin Yuukai. And is that schoolgirl-UTAU Yowa in the background?
  • #16: 波音リツによる小沢賛歌【替え歌:オザワと4億円】 (NEW) – Another politics parody? I need to know what it’s about.. Another political parody?!? Was the Shoushitsu ripoff from a while ago not enough?
  • #15: 【雪歌ユフ】 nowhere【オリジナル】 (Down from 3) – Harsh fall! Why? I thought it was a swell song :< Just didn’t have the magical staying power of aditl. Was also missing Teto’s star power, but yeah. I would use my magical it-worked-on-Paradichlorobenzene resurrecting powaas, but it’s not dead yet. It will be dead next week, but then it’ll be ineligible.
  • #14: 【波音リツオリジナル曲】PARALYZE (NEW) – Very unique song. Love the illustration and style. High notes though. I didn’t like this one as much, actually… must be the high notes. >_> Didn’t even know this was Ritsu ‘till I saw the name on the left. Eh…
  • #13: 【Mac音ナナ・Mac 音ココ】magnet【UTAU】 (NEW) – Magnet covers are still making their way. I like this Macne cover. Actually, I’ve heard the Macnes sound better than this. Am slightly disappoint. And this hasn’t been done before? I highly doubt nobody thought of this before. Seriously, Macne+Macne…
  • #12: 【穂歌ソラ】まっすぐ【MikuMikuDance】【アイマスカバー】 (NEW) – Oh Sora, why do you have to do such a girly dance? You sing it well though. It’s Sora, so it’s cool, but it’s Idolm@ster, so it’s… very lulzworthy. He’s off tune in several parts.
  • #11: 【UTAU新音源】 LEO【妹音ルン】 (NEW) – Another starry NEWCOMER. She fits quite nicely for rock songs, just needs a little adjusting. Whoa, it’s a girl?? Amazing trap! I’m a fan already. Her voice reminds me a bit of Len…




  • #10: 「ブリ(゚∀゚)ハマチ」をノリノリにしてみた (NEW) – wow, this meme became a song xD I like the yurahonya version better, but well, that should go without saying. OKAY THAT IS IT EVERYONE STOP CALLING DIBS ON HER I AM HUGGLING HER NOW.
  • #9: 重音テト 替え歌 「虚数ラバーズ」 (NEW) – Another parody I don’t get. Actually, I haven’t heard/seen this one before… Seriously, what’s with all the Ura-Omote parodies lately? Not that I really mind. The song’s all right.
  • #8: 【重音テト×巡音ルカ】幻影ホスピタル【オリジナル】 (NEW) – Welcome back Ill-P! Very melodious. Always with the trippy videos… Luka and Teto. That’s something I’d never think of. It’s this P’s specialty, I think.
  • #7: 【初音ミク×波音リツ】蓮枯DivE【オリジナル曲】 (NEW) – Quite a weird PV. The song is ok. Someone please tell me– and I’ve been wondering this since I first saw it when it first came out– why does RITSU have boobs but not MIKU? I don’t get it. D: I’m interested in this one. Although some of the pictures made me use Brain Bleach several times over.
  • #6: 【穂歌ソラ+巡音ルカ】 Pillow Talk 【オリジナル曲】 (Down from 2) – Yay! No harsh fall. I still enjoy it. Too bad it’ll be gone next week regardless. I wish they’d lighten up on the rules and make the limit 3 weeks instead of 2… Aw, dropped four slots. Still, it’s all right. And it’s better than the VocaRan, where there’s no limit. How long has magnet been on there? -sighs-
  • #5: テトさんがブリ(゚ ∀゚)ハマチにテトを合わせてしまった (NEW) – Cutest cover of the song. I recognize all of her outfits as well. -is an UTAU nerd- Hey, I did too! Oh, except the second to last, with the spider things… NOW I CALL HER. EVEN MORE THAN I DID ON #10. By the way, hamachi is one of my favorite types of sashimi. Especially when it’s the belly meat.
  • #4: 【蟹音ぱん。連続音】 m.u.【波音リツ強連続音】【オリジナル曲】 (NEW) – Deserves higher. Sounds victorian at some point and Ritsu’s and Pan’s voice make a great blend. They’re voices go really good together, and this PV is cool too. I’m fine with the position it got, but I wish it had more views/mylists. I had a hard time tracking the note pattern of this song at first…but once I figured it out it was rather interesting.
  • THIS WEEK IN HISTORY:Love Ruko’s cover and カエルの神隠し. The MMD one was quite something. What is with all of the Teto Roshin Yuukai? And how long did Mako’s PoPiPo stay again? And #2 and #1 creep me out MAJORLY.
  • #3: 【リン・テト】 あめふらし 【-オリジナル-】 (NEW) – People are really fond of Rin and Teto singing together. They sound great. Same as with #4: I’m fine with the position, but needs more views/mylists. Wow, this is an intense and passionate song…I like it!
  • #2: 重音テト×初音ミク オリジナル曲「Alive」PV (Down from 1) – Wow, strong placing, still! Ohhh, so close to V2… too bad. Hard metal. Musically-wise I liked #3 better, #2 kinda pales in comparison in epicness. The PV, however, is extremely epic, and I’d like to see a plot of this.!
  • #1: 【雪歌ユフ】 slight light 【オリジナル】 (NEW) – A Vocaloid producer using Yufu’s voice. Yufu has really appealed to many people. Lovely song. This is what I was talking about in the intro. Zddn normally just uses Miku for his works, but this time he used Yufu, and the results are AMAZING. “yuhu [Yufu] sekka”? Does that mean anything? It’s definitely a nice calming song, but it pales even more in comparison to #2 and #3 for me. Sekka Yufu is the UTAU’s name, and Yuhu is an alternate romanization of it (since the table goes ha hi fu he ho…).
  • ED Song: 【重音テト、テッド】四季彩乱舞【オリジナル曲】Sounds traditional. I like it. Meh. Eh…Nana’s Kokoro should be interesting, I’ll check that out…Oh, and Ted’s a NEET? Tsukuyomi Shouta has an UTAU now, so that should be interesting.

This week we have the news corner. We’re going to show the MMD Cup videos that we talked about in the opening. The videos are MMD Cup videos using UTAU that would have made the top 20 ranking. Here they are in order of points.

#6: 【第4回MMD杯本選】軽音部に殴りこみが入ったそうです【UTAU】K-ON got owned. XD But but but but but that anime is awesome.
#5: 【第4回MMD杯本選】デフォ子さんの憂鬱You go Defoko! Sing with me. Secret AAAAAGENT DEFOKO Secret AAAAAGENT Defoko
#4: 【第4回MMD杯本選】 QWOPの赤い人についてMMDで調べてみるRUNNING FAIL.…wtf?
#3: 【第4回MMD杯本選】 たいやきmmm, Taiyaki. Funny how Defoko makes all the other cars crash. I can’t comment on this. I just can’t.
#2: 【第4回MMD杯本選】 ほめ春香 超陰乱That face haunts me. Especially…with…those…poses.
#1: 【第4回MMD杯本選】仮面ライダーデフォ子Weird battle it was. It was just STRANGE.

(For those of you wondering why All Starts are the “M” wasn’t topping the list, it’s because it was released on the day after the totaling period. It’s still my all-time favorite out of all the MMD Cup vids so far, though.)

That’s all for this week’s MMD Cup videos. Since there are a lot of good videos uploaded, be sure to check them out.♪

And now it’s time for the new voicebanks section. There are seven new voicebanks this week, but since Imone Run was in the ranking, the clips are of the other six.

Imone Run (number 11)
Yamine Mao
Honezu Nora
twins: Bimya and Mi
Kaizoku Hina
Kikaine Banshi

Hey, wait! What happened to the one I recorded? I even put it on Nico! And I’m sure I followed the rules! No ruv for me? -is being very selfish and whiny…oh, just ignore me…the picture was fail and the voicebank was weird anyway-


We included all the sections that the readers wanted us to include and I hope you enjoy the result! It was difficult work. More comments, more links and more huge blocks of text. We will be awaiting more valentine songs this week, which was weird it didn’t make it this week. And the UTAU rankings were posted in Tuesday, which delayed the workload and has given us quite a tight schedule. Also, I noticed that Yufu is getting included in a lot of songs, which is why her soft voice pays off. I am happy to see her this way. Sadly, no UTAU male originals that ranked. this is where UTAU lacks. Hope this changes over time…

I still think Run is a guy… that is one amazing trap. Anyway. We’re very sorry for the delay, but like was mentioned in the VocaRan post, the upload of the actual video was delayed by a whole day as well. So that, coupled with this being the ONE day I have late classes on campus, away from my computer that can display all the HTML the way I want it to… this week’s delay was pretty much unavoidable. Still, measures are being taken to ensure that the article won’t be posted this late again in the future. So, like Nami says, thanks for bearing with us. ^^;

Hehehe…nice to be back this week. All I can say is that this was…quite an interesting countdown. Especially with the MMD Cup. I was kinda worried about not making it this week since my parents chose to cart me off to a national park during the weekend -flail- On the bright side, with the help of Luka’s “DYE” I brought a friend into the Vocaloid community…she’s into it now, which is my fault…I’m rambling. Ignore me -.- Post comments if you please! Happy Chinese New Year (I’m Korean so I celebrate such things)!…hey, wait, why were there no songs on Chinese New Year, come to think of it?

Darn it! Now you guys have a better format than mine! Oh well, no use crying over it… the V-ism guys be lazy, while you girls are… CAGAYAKE? Hmm, needs a bassist and extra guitar, though.

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  1. I really like Slight Light. Don't usually follow UTAU rankings but I'm glad it got rank 1.
    The ranks below it may be more energetic, but I love the peacefulness of Slight Light.
    Though it has been a stressful week, so it may just be that I'm in the mood for relaxing songs haha.

  2. @DK: actually, JM helped with the HTML (read: I cried to him and he fixed all my mistakes for me) so he gets the credit for the new layout. =)

    Also, could I ask why you keep shortening the caption? I know my computer has displaying issues, but still, it looked fine to me…

    1. What caption? o_O;

      I don’t short no caption. Shrinking the opening image, I’m guilty of (force-of-habit), but I don’t touch the captions.

      1. Eeeeeehhhh?

        "The UTAU girls- and Ritsu- wish you a Happy Valentine's Day (source: かごめゆ/pixiv)" -> "The UTAU girls- and Ritsu- wish you a Happy Valentine"

        That's what I was talking about. The caption kept mysteriously getting shortened to what it is now, always right after you checked the post. I inferred it was you… o.O;

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