Happy 4th Birthday To KAITO~

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Ah yes, it’s been four years since Kaito was officially released back on 17th February 2006 by Crypton. The staff here at Vocaloidism are glad to be celebrating Kaito’s birthday so just hop right in for some of the memorable and birthday songs as well as images created especially for his birthday~

Produced by ShinjouP, the story is about a lyricist who tries to appease the gods with his music and saves the world. What’s notable as well is that ShinjouP also created a new language for this song.

Created by natsuP, Kaito, Gakupo and Len make up this Visual-Kei band which is known as VanaN’Ice. (As for Len in a girl’s dress, it’s a Visual-Kei thing)

In this song Kaito was fighting a great war together with his comrades, however he later finds himself alone not knowing where his comrades are. He’s unable to walk and even his heart has stopped working, but he still waits for them. Produced by ShigotoshiteP.

And now on to the birthday songs~

A cover of the Disney song “A Whole New World” by KonkiP, Kaito and Meiko’s vocals in this are simply fantastic.

A collaboration between TekaP, Seiji-san, and ShigotoshiteP, a wonderful Kaito song which was in the Top 30 in the latest Weekly Vocaloid Ranking.

A beautiful folk style song as sung by Kaito, VitaOneP’s original song.

A sweet Kaito Valentine’s Day song by menday, who’s famous for “Destroys Nightmare”, a very high level beginner song

An original Kaito and Meiko duet song created by Imoya, who’s famous for the song “Oyasumi no Uta”.

And now we move on to the images created especially for Kaito’s birthday. Enjoy~

Image source: コマキ
Image source: しーな/秕
Image source: とこ屋
Image source: コノサキ
Image source: 由杞
Image source: チーズおかき
Image source: 56ゴロー
Image source: 由杞

So, Happy Birthday once again to Kaito and hopefully we can look forward to more great songs from him in the future.

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