Weekend Spotlight – Blue Notes

カッコイイ年長組! by Renta

Winter is birthday season in the Vocaloid world.  2/3 of the current roster (12 of 18) celebrate in December, January, or February, with the most relevant to this week’s column being the birthday of KAITO.  The character made whole by Naoto Fuuta’s voice is celebrating his 4th anniversary this week.  He’s a real classic, so let’s celebrate with Kaito singing the classics.

We begin with a couple of big band standards, appropriately done by BluenoteP.

I’m still not sure how “Sing, Sing, Sing” ends up being an instrumental hit. Next up is a couple of classic hits from the world of pop.

Finally, while we could do a list of all the songs Kaito’s spoofed over the years, we’ll save that for a future column and instead, provide something that’s just as crack. x3

We continue the KAITO love as we move on to the Rankings watch. You may have seen this somewhere else.

But on the junior circuit, it’s been an uneventful week. So, here’s Defoko and Teto’s take on Sokonuke AIR-LINE

Guess the M stood for Manzai.

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