Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #125 – On slow days…

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*lying in a hammock, slowing fanning himself…*

Uuuhh… slow and busy week is slow and very, very busy… no time to listen to new Vocaloid songs… flash drive with all my Vocaloid songs broke and I had to re-download most of them… going back to work tomorrow… Oh well, enough of my non sequitur ranting and let’s get to this week’s ranking. But before that, I just wanna plug-in deztora and the girls’ UtaRan review. Seriously, they’re already at full-stream in under only 3 articles (while I had to struggle with my groove for 10). Heck, even their layout is perfect! It only serves to make me wanna improve mine… but I got nuthin’.

Last week we saw the controversial return of the “new” entry, World’s End Umbrella. A lot of you guys thought that it was a bit unfair – taking advantage of a loophole in WVR’s rules and new MyList multiplier (which increases the score for each new MyList per week). I just want to know: what do the NND residents think about this? The NND weekly ranking seems to indicate that it got blasted out of the Top-10. How will it go for this week…?

Note: The upload of the Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #125 video has been delayed, we will get it posted on the blog when it’s uploaded.


Everyone, good evening! It’s time for the Vocaloid Ranking!

Kaito-san, happy birthday! I hope everyone gets to enjoy your cool and… sexy? beautiful voice from now on!

Because it’s Kaito-niisan’s birthday week, will Kaito songs dominate the ranking? We’re also into the second half of the Olympics, but don’t count on us here for that!

-Editors: Holocauxt, DTKel, Joe Mello, deztora, redemtion2, GreenSage
-Song Stats: Rank-Up, Rank-Down, Unmoved, Unranked, NEW

Well, last week was the last of the Nico Nico Daikaigi tour. I went as well and got to enjoy lots of Vocaloid songs, like “magnet,” “1925,” “Just Be Friends” and the like.

We want to rise too… Anyhow, “Miku’s thank you celebration Thanks(39’s) Giving Day” with Miku-san will be on March 9th (Tuesday) at the Zepp Tokyo venue in Odaiba.

Miku-san’s power will break through into the real world!

(I want to go SO MUCH it actually hurts.) ;_;


First, a stat dump.  Let me just say WOW!  841,621 is a record for all songs under with current system and just 1612 points from breaking the all-song/all-system record (RIP=RELEASE in 2009).  This is also the first time a non-debuting song has ever hit 700k or more under any circumstances.

Sort of lost in the margins between the above, Kaito’s B-day (7 Kaito songs this week, btw), and all this Omotte are three interconnected stories.  First, wowaka is another A-lister who made the Top 3.  Second, “Rollin’ Girl” was one of 11 songs who improved rank, 4 of which were out of the Top 30 last week.  And third, it’s likely because of all these improvements that only 8 new songs made it to air.

Definitely a lot to take in this week.

A lot indeed. I was sad to see so much plummet on the list. Pardagim Shift, the one I was hoping would make the jump to the top 3 plummetted nearly off the top 100. It was a real shame. We even lost our beloved Pane Dhira to the depths of the non-tracked, 135th place to be exact. As for this week’s stuff, someone get a comfy chair out from storage because Rollin’ Girl is going to be staying for a while. Sweet’s Beast isn’t going to last, and I doubt we’ll even see it on the countdown at all next week. WEU will continue it’s descending flightplan, just like CLW before it, losing nearly 10 spots weekly before it balances out around 60. On another sad note, our beloved White Princess is also following the same path.

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14 thoughts on “Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #125 – On slow days…”

  1. Two different Durarara Ura-omote parodies?! Well, I really love Durarara and I'd really like to see them both subbed…

  2. Some of this was worth the wait, some of it wasn't. Still, nothing can make up for the ten hours I spent refreshing the nearly empty article here waiting for the video to be released…

    Whatever, here's my thoughts anyhow:

    30: Wow, I certainly didn't expect this. I thought that it would hang around the top ten and drop steadily, but I guess I overestimated this song. Right when I was warming up to it, too…
    29: When I showed my sister this ranking, she wasn't bewildered that this song got up to 29 again, but that it fell to 44. 44 isn't that low of a number…
    28: Can you even call this a zombie? It fell off recently and it came just shy of making it into the top 30 last week. Of course, the fact that it was absent for a while before it came back recently could bring it into debate…
    27: One thing I hate about touching songs obtaining regular status is that they stop being meaningful really quickly.
    26: I have no idea what this is about. Seriously. Could someone fill me in?
    25: You'd think this song would get a boost after its first birthday…
    24: This song didn't deserve the short fame it got anyway – the only thing good about it was the background music, the vocals seemed pretty sloppy and the lyrics weren't very funny.
    22: Finally, it rose again. I was getting worried that it would leave the top 30. Now I am not. Isn't this interesting?
    21: I'm glad this went down, mainly because its clip was about two or three minutes long when it was third and it squished the rest of the video.
    20: Certainly didn't deserve to drop like it did. I expected it to land either a few spaces up or down to, say, 14.
    19: Why is this even in the top 30, anyway? Is there something I'm not getting here?
    18: The remix of this song took a sharp fall, and I'm pretty disappointed. I'm referring to the remix because I don't think there's much more to say about the original.
    17: Finally a new song. And, um, another Miku and Luka duet. I like it, but what's with them lately?
    16: I'm sorry, but that's quite possibly the worst title I've ever seen.
    15: The picture looks off, for some reason. I like the song, though.
    14: This would be much funnier if I understood it. Are there any subtitles for this yet?
    13: Is it just me, or does Miku look odd in this one?
    12: One of those "meh" songs. Luckily, there's only a few in this ranking.
    11: Wow, I love this one already! Not much to say about this one, other than that it's good and catchy.
    Pickup: Nice PV. It goes well with the song. Wait, why am I complimenting a PV like clothing?
    10: I still can't take a high-pitched Kaito song seriously.
    9: Why is this up? I thought it would hover at a lower spot, it's pretty forgettable.
    8: Well, finally…
    7: Seems like the parodies are driving up the original.
    6: Um…deja vu. Didn't I already see this one earlier?
    5: I'm pretty sure that this is not an Ura-Omote parody. Nevertheless, I'm loving it to pieces.
    4: Says an English-speaking commenter, "Finally something of Kagamine". Took the words right out of my mouth.
    H5: I never knew why this song was so popular.
    H4: For some reason, I don't remember this one. It's pretty good.
    H3: I have a gut feeling that all the possible jokes for this song have been made already, so I'll refrain from making one.
    H2: I wish there would be more songs of this quality made. There's a lack of them.
    H1: Deja vu…again…
    3: I feel really weird listening to songs like this, since I have a specific characterization for Kaito in my head, and songs like this avert it hard. So one side of my brain thinks "gah, he's so OOC" and the other side thinks "shut up, there's no canon characterization for anyone here" and then I just usually skip the song to avoid it.
    2: This song is great. If I knew what it was about, then it would probably climb into my favorite songs.
    1: I didn't think this would happen. Yes, it's a great song, but it's weird for a Disney song to be the top song. I am getting paid every time I type "song". Song.
    ED: Too high-pitched for my taste. It ruins the calming mood it seems to intend to have.

    Hopefully this will make it all in one piece this time.

    1. I'm almost done with a translation if you want it. I kinda took some liberties with the translation to make it somewhat fit the melody and rhythm though. I think I saw an english cover on Nico also.

    2. On the Top-1 song, as red2 point out, Japan loves Disney. Think of it as foreigners loving anime. Almost the same set of rules apply (I think the P would have let KAITO and MEIKO sing in English if he could pull it off, but since the Japanese lyrics were already available… well…).

      1. The whole goddamn world loves Disney. Additionally, there have been a decent amount of people who think that Aladdin and The Lion King make up the last of the true Disney movies that are actually good.

  3. I wouldn't really say that WEU was that drastic of a drop. I was expecting it to appear in the bottom half of the ranking considering it's in it's third week. Maybe it really could have pulled off the Rank1 repeat last week if it wasn't deleted.

    And what's up with Magnet and Luka^2 Night Fever? They lost about 10% each and still rose a few ranks… At least Shoushitsu had a point increase for whatever reason… =_=; *goes off to push Paradichlorobenzene off a cliff*

    I'm getting sick of the Ura-Omote too… Wait, I AM sick of it… The remixes and covers haven't been as bad on the vocaloid side, but they've been clogging up the Utatte Mita daily rankings along with Ren'ai Circulation… #6 is a cover of #19 by the way, since no one seemed to notice. I'm assuming another vocaloid was used… I didn't really listen to either of them…

    I wonder how many of the points for Meito's Whole New World cover were from people who never listen to anything vocaloid/otaku oriented. It's not like Disney isn't well known.

    Also epic lulz at 666,000 exactly for Rollin' Girl! I hope it's not an omen. ^_^;; I think this is the first wowaka song I actually like.

  4. This week's rank one makes me feel warm and fuzzy.
    Definitely wouldn't have minded if Rolling Girl got rank one, though.

  5. Sorry. Apparently the reason I couldn’t review the UTAUran vid is that there was some issue with the swf file and it couldn’t be played. Isn’t that stupid?
    Also, Shiro no Musume fell. Aw. 39, wow…
    Nice to see World’s End Umbrella as the OP song for once.
    30 – Seriously! What’s important about a door?
    29 – Argh! It came back! Die again!
    28 – Holocauxt, when you’re done with the shotgun, give it to me. I want to make SURE it’s dead for good measure.
    27 – …-livid- DIE. I never liked this song that much to begin with and now it needs to die.
    25 – Die.
    24 – I’ve saved this already from last week. Maybe it’ll stay? Nah.
    22 – You know, when I used my magical powers of resurrection on this song when it died once, I didn’t expect it to work this well. It has permission to die now.
    21 – If you want to know the lyrics, just look up the subbed version on YouTube or go to AVTechno’s blog. They’re not that awesome, and it’s kinda silly.
    20 – It was a cute song. If it dies, if I get addicted to it enough, I might use my magical Paradichlorobenzene-resurrection powers.
    19 – Durarara!!…Eh, we saw this in anime club the other day.
    18 – DIE. DIE. DIE. –creates a mantra to destroy this song-
    17 – Synthesizer on both at once? Creates a weird echo-y feeling.
    16 – How come English speakers are criticized for flubbing their Japanese, but it’s suddenly perfectly fine for Japanese speakers to flub up English?
    15 – Whoa…Naughty Miku.
    14 – What’s so funny about this? Can someone sub it?
    13 – I like the background track of guitar, sweet. Miku’s rendition of it…not so much. It’s definitely a Luka song, although I could give Rin or Gumi a run for their money.
    12 – I can’t hear Len in it.
    11 – Can someone explain what this is and who resurrected it?
    Pick-Up – The tune is slightly awkward for me.
    10 – A lot of songs nowadays have Kaito and his high voice. What happened to his manlyness? (intentionally misspelled)
    9 – Meh.
    8 – It fell. To be expected. But I thought it was a nice song, and I can totally tell the difference in PV qualities between the original two. So, since this is Hachi, what’s the deep dark evil meaning behind this song?
    7 – Die.
    6 – NO FANCY TRANSITION? WTF? And Gakupo…doesn’t sound different enough from Kaito in this version.
    5 – So this was the “odd” song my friend told me about a few days ago…
    4 – Len…Give him to me. NOW.
    History – RIP=RELEASE needed to die. How many weeks was it up there? #4 is not familiar to me but I remember my friend singing it once in a while, so now I know what she sang. Ggrks – one of the most awesome songs ever. Sadly, this was the main origin of the Luka x Gakupo pairing and now all of the American fans want to strangle anyone who “gets in the way” of Luka and Gakupo. What the hell? Shipping doesn’t matter! I’m not familiar with #2. Double Lariat is still here after one year…By the way, I notice songs used to stay longer in the Top 5 back then.
    3 – I must unsee. I must unheard. Engrish and what else.
    2 – Wow, this song went up! I’m familiar with a lot of wowaka’s work, but I don’t closely follow it. I like this song though because it’s cheerful for once.
    1 – Can you get this out of my life? I’ve had enough with Disney. I hate the goddamned company. It’s corrupt and it’s against its original idea. I never liked that movie, even as a kid, never liked this song, and I think Meiko and Kaito are horrible in this song’s context.

    On that happy note…

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