Weekly UTAU Ranking #67 – No clever subtitle edition

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Some of the more observant people in the audience might have noticed that this is a day later than usual. And you are correct! We apologize again for the delay. I thought that since the VocaRan video (and hence, post) was delayed by a full day, then we would push our schedule back too, just to be fair. (…Okay actually, there were miscellaneous communication issues, but that’s besides the point.)

It seems we here at the UtaRan have hit our lull… I blame the season. It’s the time of year where it’s just miserable, where one doesn’t feel like doing anything… Of course we wouldn’t use that as an excuse for late blog posts, but if we did, would you believe us?

Kidding aside… we have to keep our energy up! We have to stand tall! We are so cool! (Sorry, sorry…) Anyway, energetically now! Onto the ranking!

Sorry for the wait! It’s time for this week’s UtaRan.

It’s already only a week ’til the end of February… And in March we celebrate the anniversary UTAU’s release. To think UTAU is already two years old… For the new year and for when we bring you the next UtaRan SP, thanks for sticking with us.

Like last week, we have more MMD Cup videos using UTAU. We put them in the topic section again, so watch for them there.

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Like last time, we’re going to show the MMD Cup videos that we talked about in the opening. The videos are MMD Cup videos using UTAU that would have made the top 20 ranking. Here they are in order of points.

#5: 【第4回MMD杯本選】 La Noël Sucrée【MMD+UTAU】 – Hiyoriiiii! I miss you!! I want this model so badly. Bout’ time she deserved one!
#4: 【第4回MMD杯本選】あてぶりショーLulz
#3: 【第4回MMD杯本選】ちょっと一息つきませんか?Don’t fight girls ;<
#2: 【第4回MMD杯本選】頭文字MEpic car race.
#1: 【第4回MMD杯本選】 UTAU事件簿-All Starts are the “M”- – And there it is! Still my favorite MMD Cup video. Same here ;3

That’s all for this week’s MMD Cup videos. Since there are a lot of good videos uploaded, be sure to check them out.♪

And now it’s time for the new voicebanks section. Here are the fourteen(!) new voicebanks for this week.

Yukarine Eris and Meki
Sawane Kayo
(unnamed voicebank)
Tsuyune Roto
Nakata Rubo and Satoshi
K-JEY and Kawaine Maina
Kanene Kyou and Kyoo
Emine Viai


This week we saw low scores all around, but that’s okay. Everyone has their lulls, not just us bloggers. 😛 But one thing I would like to point out is we had a rare, Teto-free top three this week! Not only that, but the only song that was in the real ranking that had a Vocaloid in it was the Rin/Teto song from last week. Perhaps it was a combination of these things that led to the low scores this week…? But TOKOTOKO collaborating and making a song using Nene is pretty cool, and shows that Vocaloid and UTAU don’t have to be in entirely separate worlds. I hope to see more collaborations like this one in the future, and I hope they get the attention they deserve.

Yup, I think this is the lowest week so far this year, or maybe I’m exaggerating…. Anyways I saw another UTAU boom with Nene. Crazy how she got many Pixiv pictures and songs lately, maybe because she’s a lot different than the others (in appearance) and that she’s part plant. I don’t think I’ve really seen a top 3 without Teto, but I’m glad other UTAUs got the chance to accomplish it. I do apologize for the delays. Ranking videos were delayed often and we couldn’t come up with a scheduling that’s just right yet. I realized that there are still UTAU to Vocaloid collaborations out there. I am happy to see them. And 14 new voicebanks is like A LOT. Should be hundreds of voicebanks out there, but it is difficult to find first great impressions I have to say (in general, not just this week.) I’m just sayin’. Also, something else that really bothers me are subtitles. There are BARELY any subtitles I’ve seen for UTAU. Most of them that are already acquired are usually over 20k in views, but what about the other videos… Can’t wait for the SP of UtaRan and what’s in store for us in March!

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  1. Sorry guys, I can't do this week. My connection sucks and this is the tenth time I had to reload the UTAUran. This'd be easier if people put 'em on YouTube…
    Anyway, all I can say is I'm glad spiritus went up and Bad Scone!!'s title just makes me laugh. But eh. I'm sorry and I'll work my hardest to do next week.

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