Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #126 – Now with more Political Correctness!

Vocaloid Love is War
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This week, we will begin to implement a little system to avoid comment overcrowding on individual songs. This has a few exceptions of course: I will still be making the article (though I can always opt not to comment on songs), deztora will still translate Naho’s statements, and Joe Mello and/or redemtion2 can still add their 2-cents on the final thoughts/analysis section. Other than those, any editor who we catch commenting on songs without being on the “This Week’s Editors”-list will have their account promptly demoted.

On a different note, while we appreciate all our readers who give their post-publishing comments on songs, I humbly ask that you guys tone down some of the more subjective ones. If you really need to voice some negative opinions on particular songs, please make them as veiled and/or inoffensive as possible. Trust me, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary flames if you do.

Good evening everyone; it’s time for this week’s VocaRan.

From today on, it’s March, and that means graduation season… I think it’s time for everyone’s graduation exams to happen.

March is a time for farewells, for new meetings, for new memories to be made… Laugh, cry, have new experiences as you grow into adulthood… Beyond that, we’re waiting for the warm spring to come.

…That is, wait, now’s not the time for poetry. First let’s take it easy and watch the ranking.

-This Week’s Editors: Holocauxt, DTKel, deztora, GreenSage
-Song Stats: Rank-Up, Rank-Down, Unmoved, Unranked, NEW

“EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Supernova2” will be released on March 3rd.

March is filled with tests, job hunting, moving, and things like that; no matter how you look at it, it’s a hectic month. It’s a time of important changes in one’s life. Everyone, you should take the time to make sure your health and your schedules aren’t overburdened, too.

Also, March 3rd is the girl’s day Hinamatsuri! Ran-chan, Nikkan-tan, we should celebrate with some sweet sake!!!


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15 thoughts on “Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #126 – Now with more Political Correctness!”

  1. *Stares at Child's Garden* 2 songs returned from their sleep… I wonder if people have figured out how to "hack" the ratings… A song this old shouldn't be pulling Mod2s higher than 20. I'm not counting Disappearance as a revive because I suspect that searches for the Haruhi movie are turning it up and people who haven't seen it are curious.

    I guess Rollin' Girl being reduced to a tenth of it's score is normal, but I sure hope it sticks around for a while.. Ura-Omote on the other hand is wearing out its welcome with me because of all the covers it's getting that are clogging up the utatte mita rankings… =__=;;

    On the other hand, it seems like R+C and magnet are almost out the door. R+C is probably out next week, while magnet will most likely follow once the buzz about minato's CD dies down.

    Anyone else find the rude English comments annoying, or is it just me? Probably wouldn't be so irritated at them if they weren't all so flat out rude… ¬_¬;

  2. Maybe I am being a stick in the sand, but I worry about Big-Al's song promoting stereotypes about foreigners.(Like the blond hair, english speaking, girl hunting, gun shooting) Its nice that he is on there, but did it really have to be that song?

  3. Oh, I see… のど飴 did a Utatte Mita of Child's Garden. It did phenomenally well. Apparently enough to boost the original 52 places in the ranking… I wonder what excuse 結ンデ開イテ羅刹ト骸 has. sure, it was in the low 30s but a 10 rank jump still seems rather large… Same for Paradichlorobenzene… =_=

  4. Political correctness? WTF?
    30 – I remember when the song hit 30 once before and then had a soaring renewal back up.
    29 – A lonely, but cute, Rin song.
    28 – Okay, I've got the gun ready. I'm going to make this as painless as possible…
    27 – This kind of song is just win for Luka.
    26 – This song is too disoriented for my tastes.
    25 – Yeah, but it's falling drastically…
    24 – This is probably our umbrella's last say, so let's congratulate it on its awesome run.
    23 – DIE.
    22 – Len, awesome.
    21 – DIE.
    20 – Kinda reminds me of…wowaka…
    19 – What the hell? What the hell? Get off my ranking! I hate you! I always hated you!
    18 – My comment back: ( ^ o ^ ) /
    17 – I never really liked Neru. Horrific attitude, no purpose whatsoever, and no good songs coming out of it.
    16 – DIIIIIIIE.
    15 – Doesn't freak me out any less.
    14 – The song was pretty cool, anyway.
    13 – This is definitely the kind of song Luka was made for.
    12 – Gakupo's doing better than Kaito with this song.
    Pick-Up – And this was the Pick-Up? For shame. Even Hetalia is more accurate than this in terms of American portrayal.
    10 – I still like this song. It has a nice message, too.
    9 – DIE. And I could think of so many ways to transition 10 and 9…
    8 – DIE. I don't care how new you are.
    7 – Congrats on coming up! I liked this song. And it was probably some Utatte Mita who made it famous.
    5 – Ugh. I – don't – like – creepy – songs. Except maybe Hitobashira Alice.
    4 – I noticed it had the same rhythm too
    History – That's it, it's unfair how so many songs back then stuck so tightly to the Top 5. Roshin Yuukai got old after a while. Double Lariat is STILL here, so I'd guess Roshin Yuukai would too after a year had it not been for controversy. And…Toeto. Still adorably cute. How's it doing on the rankings now, I wonder?
    3 – Interesting way to change the factors on Luka's voice…
    2 – It is a troll.
    1 – I don't want to fill in anything after "her". I do not.

    1. *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm*

    2. "If you really need to voice some negative opinions on particular songs, please make them as veiled and/or inoffensive as possible. Trust me, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary flames if you do."

        1. <Obligatory Fire Here>

          I'd argue that you don't have free speech here. Comment moderation means you can easily be silenced.

  5. I really don't mind the comment overcrowding of previous ranking posts, I enjoy reading opinions of more people. Well, I guess I'm weird that way.

    So, here are my thoughts:

    30: I apologize for my random outbursts about this song. It's just that most of the time I'm tired when I write my comments, so I don't think before I type, and this song just happens to really strike a nerve with me. Looks like it's finally leaving, though.
    29: Rin's getting a lot of songs like this lately. For once I just wish that there could be a decent variety of popular songs…
    28: I'm attempting an archive binge of the VocaRan. This song was popular both about two years ago and apparantly now. It's a little surreal.
    27: There's a lot of songs about gardens lately. What's up with that?
    26: This one is certainly different.
    25: No big surprise. I'm not sure if I said this before, but I'm beginning to like the piano in this.
    24: This is going down faster than I expected.
    23: Now, I have no big problem with this song. I think it's fine. It's just that it's still here after all this time, and I'm sick of it. Please drop off.
    22: Quite a drop. I guess it wasted most of its popularity on its first week.
    21: Do they have to put this exact same clip in the history? Why not show a different part of the song like they did the first time it appeared there?
    20: Pretty nice, but I can't see it going up.
    19: I don't care what anyone else thinks, I love this song and it deserved to go back up. It's great once you get over the creepiness of it.
    18: Sounds pretty cute, but I suspect it will die soon…
    17: I don't hear a lot of Neru songs. In fact, I'm not sure if this is even a Neru song, because it doesn't sound much like her.
    16: I'll take this opportunity to say that I don't understand the "it's a regular, now it sucks" mentality I've seen. This song is still great after what has to be the fiftieth time I've seen the clip, in my opinion, and I don't see how it's impossible for a song to be good after it's gotten regular status. Sure, some songs run dry after hearing them over and over, but not all of them do. I wish people who believe all regular songs are evil and need to die would open their eyes.
    15: This is going down slower than expected. I hope it doesn't stick around, it's honestly not very good.
    14: I could stand this one for a few more weeks, though. It's mildly catchy.
    13: I almost forgot to comment on this one because I was so busy enjoying it. It's rather hypnotizing.
    12: Why is this cover more popular than the original parody (which is probably an oxymoron)?
    11: I think it's safe to call PCB a regular song now, if it isn't already.
    Pickup: Big Al is the only Vocaloid I dislike, and songs like this are the reason. Who chose this?
    10: Darn, it fell. I really like this song, like many people.
    9: So the Ura-Omote craze is finally dying off…I, for one, am glad.
    8: The reason I think this song is so out-of-place is that it's just not a Vocaloid-ish song, if you get what I'm saying.
    7: Oh hey, another song I like jumping up. Is this my week or what?
    6: This song dropped quite a bit in score, yet only fell one place. A bit sad, isn't it?
    5: …what is this? More importantly, why is it so popular?
    4: The charm of this song is failing on me. Sorry.
    H5: Why are there so many sexual parodies of this song? I never got why. I mean, I've heard that one of the characters can mean "kidnapping", but that's no excuse to make more than one or two.
    H4: I've seen people call this song one of the most amazing Miku songs of 2009, but I don't agree.
    H3: I swear, I'm getting deja vu about this song. I feel like I've seen it before.
    H2: No, seriously, there are other parts of this song you can use.
    H1: It's like this song was designed to be squee incarnate.
    3: I like this one. I can see why it's at 3. Luka's voice, in particular, is well- done in it.
    2: Another good rock song. I favor this one over 3 and possibly 1 (I'm not sure).
    1: And…uh, another rock song. I'm going to call this one "The Story of the Girl and her Ellipsis".
    ED: …This is Miku? Wow, I would have never guessed. I like this one in the way I like most ED songs: they're calming.

    Also, your forums are now blocked at my school for…pornography, apparantly. Is this just a mistake, or should I make a mental note to stay very far away from there?

    (A note: My school laptop has awful Internet connection and always denies letting me post comments here because of some nonexistent character limit. It's probably a bug, because the same laptop also constantly gave me a 400 error on this site for about an hour while it's working fine at home. Therefore, some comments might sound a little weird since there have been some added comments since then.)

    1. About the #16 comment, it’s a clear-cut case of this trope in action:

      Seriously, I don’t get it either.

      About the vocaforum getting banned from your school, I think it’s the NSFW-tags on the more “iffy” topics on there. But they’re few and far between, so whoever your server-admin is, beat the snot out of him and demand to have vocaforum back!

    2. I agree about not minding the comment overcrowding… I used to just watch the ranking and that`s it, but it`s more fun with the editors. It makes me feel like I`m watching it with real people lol.

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