Weekly UTAU Ranking #68 – Now with less lag!

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See article title. We here at the UtaRan reviews are doing our best to make sure we bring you the coverage you want, when you want it. That means no more late/missed deadlines! Aren’t you excited? I know I am. 😀

Well here we are, ready for another installment of UTAU-filled goodness. Last week we saw bombshell-newcomer Nene dominate the ranking, thanks in part to some TOKOTOKO starpower. What will happen this week? Will flagship UTAU Teto reclaim her throne, or will other UTAU still get time to shine? Read on to find out!

Sorry for the wait. It’s time for this week’s UTAU Ranking.

Before long it’ll be March 6th, the 2nd anniversary of UTAU’s release. Like last year’s uploads, this year we have celebratory videos planned. It’s also approaching the last day of the Defoko birthday celebration.

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Welcome to the news corner. First we have news concerning next month’s Teto birthday celebration on April 1st.

The event’s plans are two-fold. First is the formation of a new project for the sake of Teto’s birthday celebration: Kasane Teto’s 24 hour broadcasting project. (Community ID: co246912)

Nico live will bring the broadcast to you from April 3rd to April 4th. Guest appearances include Teto’s voice source “Oyama Nobuyo” and babytasP. Watch the community for more details.

The other one is the project of Kasane Teto’s official club “TwinDrill”. It will be brought to you on Nico Live from the Kasane community on March 31st from around 22:00 to midnight. (Community ID: co3771)

We have four more celebration events planned. These will also use Nico Live, so be sure to watch them~

Next is the new voicebanks section. This week we have thirteen new voicebanks, listed below.

Yakune Aki
Akachino Shirokitsune
Kaneo Kure
Minorine Towano
Huguruma Tayo
Hanaga Tsumaru
Maine Ato
Koromba No. 4
Suzune Shin


This has been yet another week of Teto free top 3, but shame that only 1 UTAU male made it on to the main rankings. What can you do…. I am excited for next week (or the week after that) for great group songs and songs that commemorate the creation of UTAU ^^ And we figured out a sufficient schedule on our hands. So that our readers wouldn’t worry that much about the entry being late, woo. And I would like to know why Nene is dominating the rankings. Also, I would appreciate to hear more comments from our readers, to know what they are thinking about this ranking. It would help me understand lots.

…I’m still bitter about the fact they won’t let my UTAU onto the new UTAU section. Eventually I’ll die out, but it’d be nice if someone figured out what was the problem. Anyway, it’s nice to be back on and… I’d like to see more Ruko…

By the way, if I ever say that I’m saving a song and putting it on my iPod, don’t think it’ll be in there forever. I perform regular “cleans” of my iPod and most Vocaloid/UTAU songs go into the trash basket. If I really like the song though, and it’s so much that I’ll keep it forever, I will tell you. And you will know.

And now I take over! First, I have the link to the UTAU voicebank created by Aster Selene, which for reasons unknown to this troper this blogger, wasn’t listed with the new UTAU when it was first put up. The link to the video with voicebank download is here.

Second, another Teto-free top three week! Not having Teto as the number one song isn’t so much of a rarity, but not having Teto in the top three at all certainly is.

Going back to what CK was saying and what I mentioned in the intro, Nene’s popularity has just exploded. Her voicebank was released towards the end of December, and already she’s had numerous spots on the countdown, including taking the top three spots on separate occasions. This kind of popularity is unprecedented when it comes to new voicebanks.

I consider it a good thing, as we need more diversity when it comes to regulars on the countdown. It also shows that if your UTAU has that special something, then it can get recognized too. I don’t know what the special something is exactly, but Nene-chan definitely has it. Now I’m off to figure out how to cosplay as a girl that’s part plant.

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