Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- 2nd (Tentative Title) Announced! (Updated)

Image source: nantekotttai

Update 1: Included more information and costume images for the game.

Information from Hatsune MikuMiku blog has pointed out that SEGA will be releasing a sequel to the original Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- game and this time round the platform will still be for the PSP. New songs and features will be available for the sequel and you can view the list below right after the break~

– Arrow buttons will be used as well.
– Holding-down button feature from Project DIVA Arcade
– Multi-character in-game PV (for songs such as magnet)
– Data transfer function from first -Project DIVA- game

– New Modules

Song list:
– magnet (by minato/ryuuseiP)
– Romeo and Cinderella (by doriko)

Following the release of the results of the “2nd SEGAXPiapro Collaboration – Costume Design Contest”, the costumes to be included in the game have been decided and you can see some of them in their 3D forms.

Sportswear Miku (Image source: hekopon)
(Image source: さくらう)
Mikuzukin-chan (Image source: Tda)
One piece Miku (Image source: shari)

The price for this game is set to be at 6,090 yen (taxes included) and is scheduled to be released on July 29th, 2010. We will be posting more information about this on the blog as soon as it’s available.

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13 thoughts on “Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- 2nd (Tentative Title) Announced! (Updated)”

  1. I am so psyched! But i won't be as much if Gakupo and Gumi aren't there…:[
    Love the 2nd costume =w= And arrow buttons are better IMO

    1. Me too! I'll cry a little if the game turns out to be Crypton's private party again.
      I'd understand if the AHSloids weren't there since they're new and all, but Gackpo and Gumi are long-time part of the family by now. 🙁 Bah. I'm still hoping! Miku's not the only one to have special costumes this time, so that's already a good step forward in giving the other vocaloids some love. Now if only that included vocaloid from other companies… *crosses fingers*

      Costumes are super cute, and I'm excited~~! Definitely will get the game~

    1. *looks at 3rd Miku costume*

      Finally! something that looks “World is Mine”-ish.

      No costumes for Neru and Haku? I guess they’re just treated as extra costumes for Miku.

  2. Ohh! Look at those costumes! ^_^ I've never played the first Project Diva… and I don't have a PSP… or know Japanese. XD BUT I think I might buy this when I get my new system. That One Piece Miku costume is awesome – I love it when animes cross! The princess dress is absolutely beautiful, and Mikuzukin-chan is just adorable. :3

  3. Anime's are NOT crossing in this (that I know of). the "One piece" part was because the dress is a one piece dress. It has nothing to do with the anime/manga.

    As soon as I can get a PSP: I'm going to swim all the way to Japan myself just to get a hold of this. This wins so greatly.

    1. oh, lol! XD oh well!

      anyway… I hope that Len can sing and have more costumes in this one! That'll reel me into buying this!

  4. if on this game we get another cross game outfit what would be? (sonic, amy, arle from puyo series, amigo XD?!, or…. BAYONETTA outfit :O)

  5. Well, Duets are included… so it’s a big step up.

    More voices, more characters with Different costumes. That is something that I hope they include, I wouldn’t mind having Gumi, Gakupo.. or hell even Miki into this game.

    We will have to wait and see how this develops.

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