Kokoro Hits One Million Views!

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Yes, following Roshin Yukai (Meltdown) and Aku no Musume (Daughter of Evil) we finally have another Rin song which hit one million views as well on Nico Nico Douga. And it’s none other than ToraborutaP’s Kokoro, which achieved the feat on March 2nd 2010 at 18:10 hours Japan Time. For more videos on the song, information on the story behind the song and images do continue reading after the break.

The story of Kokoro speaks from the point of view of Rin (the robot) who was created by a lonely scientist. At that time it was so successful that the creation could only be called a “miracle”. But the robot is almost perfect except for one thing, she’s missing a Kokoro (Heart/Mind) and that left her unable to feel or appreciate human emotions, despite the scientist being nice and kind to her.

Many years went by and the scientist passes away while trying to make the Kokoro for her, leaving Rin all alone for several hundred years. Eventually she begins to wonder about the man who created her and decides to access his research. It was then the robot discovered the reason behind her creation and the Kokoro that the scientist has been trying to make for her.

Moved by what the scientist has done for her, she discovers her Kokoro and decides to sing on for eternity to express her gratitude for her creator. However the Kokoro was far too big for her artificial body to withstand and she broke down in the end, unable to ever work again.

Ever since the original Kokoro video was uploaded back onto Nico Nico Douga on March 3rd 2008 (that’s practically two years before it reaches the one million view count), many covers and PV versions were produced as well. And here are some of them below~

PV Versions:

PV as drawn by Glider.

PV as drawn by FukusanbutsuP.

PV as drawn by Hasurarin.

A 3DCG video made by BrotherP with Kio doing the 3D models.

Made by ClearTranquil, this is a live action PV based on Kokoro made by a group of students for their school project.


Sung by Namakonyuruko, this cover of Kokoro is well known by the fans as the singer had added in dialogue during the intro, instrumental and ending to the original Kokoro making the song a more complete story.

Yamai and Usa sings Kokoro and Kiseki together respectively in the same melody.

Manga-style PV

A touching take on the Kokoro story showing the intimacies between the robot and scientist and how close they truly were. In this PV a mix of the original song, piano arrangement and orchestral arrangement are played throughout the slideshow.

The popularity of Kokoro was evident as even a stage play was announced for it in Japan, for more information you can go here.

And now for some Kokoro images~

Image source: NIA
Image source: M-ca
Image source: しる
Image source: しる
Image source: いそう凪
Image source: choco
Image source: 塚本
Image source: シロツグ/23欠乏症

DK Says:

Yeah! I was waiting for this when I found out that KOKORO was at 980,000++ views a couple of weeks ago, so it was only a matter of time. Hopefully this can revive the song’s place in the Weekly Rankings, even if it’s just a short while.

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