Weekend Spotlight – Workplace Hazards

Unfortunately, my seemingly endless job search has prevented this week’s column to be all that productive.  My loss is your gain, however, which will be explained after the jump, but until then, enjoy what has to be one of the strangest on-the-job incidents anyone has ever seen.

If you have an idea for a future Vocaloid Spotlight and live in, or plan to visit, the Internet, send a self-addressed stamped message to my fabulous e-mail or message my Vocaforum or VocaloidOtaku accounts.  All you need is a nice theme and possibly an Utatte Mita or two, like this one.

That’s it! Easy, no? :3

We move to the Rankings Watch.  First off, everyone’s favorite pencil artist is back with a bang.

On Friday (in Japan), this was 3rd in MyLists with 3,227.  Here was first (5781) and second (3374) for reference.  There’s no doubt that the B-Mod is going to be capped, but the question is how many points will be lost?

Luna wishes she had that trouble.

PikaP’s song stands at about 4k ranking points, and gets 5 times more in Awesome Name points.

Next week is my Spring Break, so I should be able to have a nice lengthy article for all y’all next week.

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